By adopting an interdisciplinary approach, the Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health (EH) focuses on chemical, physical and microbial hazards present in natural and built environments that range from the molecular to planetary and local to global scales.


  • Actively change the world around you and gain experience through your applied practice experience.
  • Collaborate with leading environmental experts - both at Rollins and beyond.
  • Engage in meaningful work alongside people who care about the environment and human health.
  • Learn how to conduct research, share results, impact policy, and make a tangible difference.
  • Option to specialize your master’s degree with an additional certificate in your area of choice.

Tiffany Eberhard

"My goal as part of the Global Environmental Health program is to focus on maternal and child health, specifically how environmental exposures effect fetal and child development and how to effectively implement and assess maternal and child health programs. The field of public health is interdisciplinary in nature and Rollins School of Public Health exemplifies this by facilitating multidepartment collaboration between students and professors. The technical and social skills I have already gained and will continue to improve upon during my two years at Rollins will bring me closer to my goal of implementing projects in maternal public health."

Tiffany Eberhard
MPH ’22, James W. Curran Scholarship Recipient