Office Policies

Throughout the year, the Office of Career Development offers on-on-one appointments, as well as numerous on-campus recruiting events with organizations from government, public, non-profit, and private sectors. These events provide you an opportunity to meet and interact with hiring managers, recruiters, and alumni to discuss desired skills, hiring processes, employment opportunities, and position requirements. See our policies below:

Requesting an Appointment

One-on-One Appointments

One-on-one appointments are available for students to receive career-related advice. Current students and alumni must request appointments through RSPH Career Connection. See Student Toolkit for instructions.

1st year/2nd year/PhD students/alumni: up to 45 minutes

  • Once an appointment is booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email and a reminder 24- hours prior to the appointment.
  • Students are able to request only one appointment at a time. You can schedule another appointment after your appointment ends.
  • Appointments can be made as early as two weeks in advance and are contingent upon career coaches' availability.
  • You have up to 24 hours before your appointment to cancel. Within 24 hours, you need to send a cancellation email directly to your career coach.

If you have an urgent issue, please email with subject "Student Urgent Request", so a coach can be notified to reach out to you to provide assistance. Urgent should not be the result of poor planning.

Mock Interview Sessions

Interviewing is a learned skill. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be. Mock interviews are a good way to experience realistic interviews in a safe and stress-free environment. These sessions are one hour long (30 minutes for behavioral interview questions and 30 minutes for feedback), with two coaches. Please bring two copies of your resume to the session.

To schedule a mock interview session, use the appointment feature in RSPH Career Connection, or email for an appointment with two coaches. No-show Policy enforced.


Walk-In Sessions - 15 Minute Coaching Sessions

Have a quick question for a career coach? Drop by the Office of Career Development during our walk-in hours for quick 15-minute advisement:

  • Tuesdays 12:00 – 2:00pm (In-Person)
  • Wednesdays 2:00pm – 4:00pm (Virtual)
  • First-come, first-served
  • No scheduling required


Appointment Cancellations

The Office of Career Development encourages excellence in professionalism, and honoring commitments are a sign of professionalism. When a student schedules an appointment, we expect the student to attend the appointment. Failure to do so negatively affects other students’ opportunities to access our services.

  • Students may cancel appointments at least 24 hours in advance in RSPH Career Connection.
  • Students are not able to cancel appointments within 24 hours of your appointment date and time in Handshake. In the event of an emergency within this period, students should provide notice of the cancellation directly to the respective career coach via email. The email address is shown on your appointment status page.

In order to better serve Rollins students, the following no-show policy will be implemented.

No-Show Policy

The Office of Career Development encourages excellence in professionalism, and honoring commitments are a sign of professionalism. When a student RSVPs to an event, we expect the student to attend the appointment or event. Failure to do so negatively affects other students’ opportunities to access our services. If a student cannot attend an event, he/she should cancel the registration from the event in RSPH Career Connection at least 24 hours in advance. Note: Students who need to cancel a same-day appointment or event should notify us by email. In order to better serve Rollins students, the following no-show policy will be implemented.

For 2 no-shows:
Students who fail to make a proper cancellation for 2 or more appointments or events will receive notice via email that they have been locked out of RSPH Career Connection. To regain access to our services, students will need to request to speak with the Associate Director of Career Development by dropping by during our Walk-in Hours.

For 4 or more no-shows:
Students who ail to make a proper cancellation for 4 or more appointments or events will receive notice via email that they have been locked out of RSPH Career Connection for 30 days.

On-Campus Recruitment

Throughout the year, the Office of Career Development hosts numerous on-campus recruiting events and presentations with organizations from government, public, non-profit, and private sectors. Participation in the on-campus recruiting program is a privilege and comes with certain ethical expectations and responsibilities. Please review our policies on-campus recruitment policies below.

On-campus recruiting includes both employers who interview on campus as well as those who recruit through the Office of Career Development but hold interviews off-site.

Eligibility for On-Campus Interviews. To participate in on-campus interviews, you must be physically present on campus. Should you be pre-selected and are unable to be physically present on the date and time of the interview, please contact The Office of Career Development immediately and we will advocate on your behalf with the organization as to their preferred alternate interviewing policy. The Office of Career Development reserves the right to remove you from the interview schedule should you fail to comply with the policy.

Provide accurate information. You are responsible for providing accurate information about your academic background and work history, including courses taken, grades, positions held, and duties performed. However, you may refuse to provide an employer with specific information about any job offers you may have received from other employers. You do not have to provide specific information about the names of the organizations or salary. Instead, you may give broad responses to such questions, naming types of employers industries and general salary ranges rather than specific salary amounts.

Misrepresentation. If a student falsifies a resume or an employment application/document or misrepresent him/herself to any employer, whether via on-campus programs or in an independent job search, the student may be subject to University judicial charges. The Office of Career Development may suspend a student's privileges to use all career services and programs. Employers have the right to terminate a student's employment or withdraw a job offer for misrepresentation. In addition, if a student has already formally accepted an offer of employment from an organization, it is unethical for him/her to continue interviewing with other organizations and the same suspension of privileges may apply.

Interview genuinely. Interview only with employers you are sincerely interested in working for and whose eligibility requirements you meet. "Practice" interviewing is strongly discouraged, as it is both misleading and unethical. When you use a company as a "practice" interview you are misleading the recruiter and denying a person who has a genuine interest the opportunity to interview.

On-Campus Interview Policies. Keep all commitments for employment interviews. If you cannot attend the interview due to an emergency situation, please notify the Office of Career Development at the earliest possible moment.

The Office of Career Development adheres to a Zero Tolerance Policy for students who fail to show up for a scheduled interview with an employer or who fail to return phone calls to employers. See the Cancellation and No-Show Policy below for details.

Inform employers about your decision to accept or reject an offer in a timely fashion. Communicate your acceptance or refusal of a job offer to employers as promptly as possible, so they can notify other candidates that they are still being considered or that the position is filled. The Office of Career Development asks students to notify employers within one (1) week of their decision to accept or reject an offer.

Claim fair reimbursement. If an employer has agreed to reimburse you for expenses you incur in its recruitment process, your request should be only for reasonable and legitimate expenses.

Obtain the career information you need to make an informed choice about your future. It is your responsibility to look into career opportunities and the organizations that offer them, as well as acquire any other relevant information that might influence your decision about an employer.

Withdraw from recruiting when your job search is completed. Once a student has accepted a job offer, whether via on-campus recruiting or in an independent job search, or has decided that full-time graduate or professional studies are for you, notify the Office of Career Development staff immediately. You must report also your salary/hiring information by completing a Graduate Employment Survey at the time of graduation or upon accepting a position if after graduation. You should also withdraw applications and resumes from all other employers and positions to which you have applied. You should also inform employers that are considering hiring you for a job that you are no longer interested in the opportunity.

Accept a job offer in good faith. Accepting a job offer is a professional commitment. Accepting an offer only as a precautionary measure is misleading to the employer and may restrict opportunities for others who are genuinely interested in that employer.

Reneging on an offer is a serious violation of the Office of Career Development's policy, and will result in immediate suspension of all recruiting privileges. You will be required to meet with the Director of Career Development and future recruiting privileges will be determined after this meeting.

To help you in your decision, make sure you have all the information you need from the company making the offer, as well as from the other companies with which you interviewed. If you find yourself in a difficult situation, please meet with the Career Development staff before you make your decision.

Adherence to these business etiquette guidelines is expected.

When students fail to return calls from an employer or show up for scheduled interviews with employers, they damage the recruiting program, and the reputation of the school. Missed interviews and unreturned calls also jeopardize the job search of fellow Rollins students. Reserving a time slot and then failing to attend the interview prohibits other students from using that interview time slot, and significantly diminishes an alternate candidate's chance to interview. Such behavior reflects poorly on all of Rollins. It not only wastes corporate dollars and the recruiters' time, but it can also cause employers to suspend recruiting at Rollins altogether. It can also compromise Rollins' relationship with the employer regarding research and related activities.

Therefore, it is critical when a student signs up for an interview that he/she follows through on the commitment. If students are unable to keep the scheduled interview due to an emergency, the appropriate steps must be taken to avoid penalty. Failing to follow these guidelines may result in suspension of on-campus recruitment privileges, including access to RSPH Career Connection, with the Office of Career Development.

Canceling an interview: Students may cancel an interview by removing his/her name from an interview schedule at least 72 hours prior to the interview date by contacting us.

Once the 72-hour deadline has passed, students must call us to cancel the interview as soon as possible at 404-727-9957. Please note that cancellations made within 72 hours of the interview date are considered unexcused absences, and students will be penalized as outlined in the No-Show Policy below.

No-Show Policy: The no-show policy is designed to ensure that students meet the recruitment commitments they make through the Office of Career Development. If you miss an interview, you may be suspended from further interviewing. Depending on the reason, this suspension may be either temporary or permanent. Students will be considered a "no-show" if they:

  • Cancel a scheduled interview less than 72 hours before the interview.
  • Do not show up for a scheduled interview with an employer.
If a student violates the No-Show Policy as stated above, the Office of Career Development will contact the student via e-mail notifying them of the missed interview on the date of the interview. The email will contain instructions on resolving the no-show issue, including a Missed Interview Explanation form and sample Letter of Apology. Apology letters will need to be addressed to the organization. The name and title of the recruiter will be provided in the email. You will need to schedule an appointment with the Director of Career Development and submit the following items within 48 hours of the missed interview:
  • Completed Missed Interview Explanation Form explaining the reason for missing the interview. Inclusion of some type of corroborating evidence of the problem will assist the staff member in making a decision (e.g. note from University Health Services, rector, resident assistant).
  • Bring a Letter of Apology and explanation to the employer, along with a stamped envelope. After the apology is approved, the Office of Career Development will mail the letter to the employer.
Within 24 hours of meeting with the student, the Director will send an email describing your no-show status. Resolution will result in one of the following:
  • No-show will be excused and noted.
  • No-show will be unexcused and noted. On-Campus Interviewing privileges will be revoked and notification will also be sent to the student's academic counselor.

In the case of a second violation of RSPH’s No-Show Policy: If a student fails to submit a Missed Interview Explanation Form and an apology letter or if a student violates the no-show policy a second time, on-campus interviewing privileges will be revoked. Requests for reinstatement will be at the discretion of the Director.

This policy is in place to protect the students of the Rollins School of Public Health. The following actions may result in permanent loss of interviewing privileges with the Office of Career Development:

  • Blatant disregard for policies and practices.
  • Rude and unprofessional interview behavior.
  • Failure to respond to no-show notification.
  • Failure to complete no-show policy requirements.
  • Missing a scheduled interview a second time (receiving a second no-show notification email).