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MPH in Environmental Health & Epidemiology




Data Science Certificate (available to MPH enrollees)

magnifying glass examines data on computer screen

Data science and analytics is a burgeoning academic discipline with wide-ranging implications, including in environmental health. Remarkable strides have been, and continue to be made in data generation, storage, and analytics leading to an unprecedented surge in data volume and complexity. In the field of environmental health, air and water quality, disease mapping, exposomics, and multi-omic integration are just some of the areas that rely on data science to advance our environmental health goals. MPH students that desire to tackle today’s and tomorrow’s EH issues through a data-driven lens, should consider enrolling in the RSPH’s Certificate in Data Sciences. Through this certificate program, you will:

1. Develop programming skills in “R”

2. Construct reproducible and computationally efficient data science workflows

3. Gain training and experience in common machine learning frameworks

4. Develop data science products, and

5. Use data science products to communicate effectively with public health stakeholders

In addition to the above training, you will have data-science electives to choose from. Several of these are offered through the EH program that provide training in emerging methods for environmental mixtures and high-dimensional molecular omics analyses. For further information and program requirements, please visit the certificate website here.