AIDS International Training and Research (AITRP)

Fogarty Information Center international HIV research training programs are being consolidated into the Fogarty HIV Research Training Program, thus the AITRP program is being discontinued. The most recent program ended March 31, 2015. Please revisit this site for more information about opportunities under the new program.

About the Emory AIDS International Training and Research Program

Located in Atlanta, and funded by the NIH since 1998, the Emory AIDS International Training and Research Program (AITRP) has established itself as a training environment that produces highly qualified HIV/AIDS researchers who are already making important contributions to HIV prevention and treatment efforts in their home countries. The governance and operation of the Emory AITRP fosters interdisciplinary cross-training to ensure that our trainees benefit from a mixture of public health, basic, clinical, and behavioral/social science training relevant to HIV/AIDS research and prevention.

Specific aims of the Emory AITRP include:

  • Providing long, medium, short-term, and in-country training and research opportunities in HIV/AIDS to a diverse group of outstanding young researchers
  • Providing collaborative training and research among Emory; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); and investigators in Armenia, Georgia, Mexico, Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Zambia on HIV prevention and care.
  • Providing interdisciplinary cross-training by offering short-term training programs
  • Building in-country research capacity by conducting and supporting a variety of in-country training activities.

To accomplish our mission, we have developed strong collaborations with other federally funded agencies and programs, including the Emory/Atlanta Center for AIDS Research (CFAR), the CDC, and Emory's MSCR program.

The Emory AITRP is administered as an international component of CFAR, which is housed at Rollins. Carlos del Rio, M.D., is the AITRP Program Director, Susan Allen, MD, MPH, is the Director for Zambia and Rwanda of the Emory AITRP.

Our current collaborating countries include:


The mission of the Emory AITRP is to increase the capacity of public health and medical professionals from the Republic of Georgia, Mexico, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Rwanda and Zambia to carry out interdisciplinary research and programs in HIV prevention and care.

In special situations the Emory AITRP has supported trainees from other countries, but potential trainees who are not from our major collaborating countries (Armenia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Mexico, Rwanda, Vietnam or Zambia) are encouraged to look at the Fogarty International Center's List of Major Collaborating Countries and Principal Investigators, where they will find a list of the countries with which Fogarty-sponsored AITRP programs are working.