In an effort to help you develop your public health careers, the Office of Career Development is pleased to present you with a few resources to begin your research and exploration in obtaining internship opportunities. All students have access to the  RSPH Career Connection powered by 12Twenty, to view internships, fellowships, research projects, practicum opportunities, and full/part-time jobs from employers interested specifically in Rollins students and graduates.

NotePlease pay close attention to the deadline indicated on job postings in  RSPH Career Connection. An employer may close a job posting earlier than the original deadline indicated. Please do not wait until the last minute to apply to any positions that may be of interest to you. 

What is an internship?

An internship refers to an experience outside the classroom that enables students to develop skills and gain supervised practical experience related to their academic or career interests.

Students gain real-world experience and exposure to skill sets that help them to be competitive candidates for full-time jobs when they graduate from Rollins. 

How do I find an internship?
Begin with the “RSPH Career Connection” job database as this job board is only for Rollins students and alumni, and employers that post on this job board are specifically targeting Rollins students and alumni. In addition, it is also recommended to search directly on organizations websites (under the “Careers” tab) and through internet searches. Internships are often "created" by word of mouth and networking with professionals working within the field of public health. Discuss your interests in internship opportunities with networking contacts when appropriate, and always be considerate of their time.

Tip: Networking that gets results takes practice! For help with this, check the calendar in RSPH Career Connection and the RSPH Calendar for upcoming networking workshops or  schedule an appointment with a coach. For additional information on networking, please download our  How to Prepare for Networking Guide.

List of Internships
To give you some additional resources, you can click here for a list of CDC and related internships that are often of interest to our students. Also, click here to find an alphabetical sample list of organizations that may be of interest.

What is a fellowship?

Fellowships are competitive awards that enable individuals to pursue study in their field or to introduce them to related fields of study. They often advance, synthesize, or increase the applicant's skills in a specific area of interest. Fellowships are based on merit and are not usually restricted to graduates of the awarding institution. Fellowships may be an alternative to full-time jobs for recent graduates and are often considered to be very prestigious. Some fellowships are focused on independent research, while others involve work under the close guidance and mentorship of an advanced public health professional.

How do I find a fellowship?

Fellowship opportunities are often available through formalized programs involving an extensive application process. They may also be found through internet searches, agency/organization websites, emails, and word of mouth.

List of Fellowships

To start you off in the right direction, you may wish to click here to view a list of CDC and related fellowships that are often of interest to our students. Also, click here to find an alphabetical sample list of fellowships.