As a part of the SOPHAS application, all applicants will submit the following materials when applying to Rollins. The GRE will remain optional for students applying for fall 2023 entry. Check here for additional department-specific requirements.

You should have official transcripts sent directly to SOPHAS from all of the post-secondary institutions you've attended (regardless of how much time you were enrolled there). SOPHAS will only accept transcripts sent directly from the schools. Please do not mail them yourself!

Official transcripts should include a signature from the dean, registrar, or appropriate authority and/or the university seal and be sent snail mail in a sealed envelope. Faxed or emailed transcripts will not be accepted.

International Transcripts

If you are requesting transcripts from colleges outside of the United States, be sure you complete your application through SOPHAS and request your transcript well in advance of the application deadline. We recommend requesting your transcript at least a month in advance.

We suggest doing your SOPHAS application first, so you will already have your 11-digit SOPHAS ID when ordering your evaluation through the World Education Services (WES).

Order your evaluation with this form.

International transcripts, (including French Canadian transcripts), must be submitted to WES, which evaluates your academic record, before sending everything forward to SOPHAS. When completing your WES profile, make sure to select the WES international credential package, which includes a course-by-course evaluation. While French Canadian transcripts have to be submitted through WES, English Canadian transcripts can be sent directly to SOPHAS from your post-secondary institution.

If you're still enrolled in a post-secondary program outside of the U.S. at the time of the WES evaluation, you will need to submit a final WES evaluation after you have graduated (proving you earned your degree). This info applies to anyone who has obtained a degree outside of the U.S. So, if you live in the United States now, but received your academic training outside of the country, you will need to adhere to all requirements outlined for international students.

All applicants to Rollins must have (at a minimum) the equivalent of a U.S. four-year bachelor's degree.

Note: The WES requirement does not apply to U.S. students who have enrolled in study-abroad programs. International students, may get more application details here!

Rollins requires two evaluations from its applicants and recommends you obtain them from:
  • an undergraduate/graduate advisor
  • faculty in your major field of study
  • a recent employer

Your evaluators will submit your evaluation electronically through SOPHAS. Make sure you're telling your references that you will be listing them on your application. Using the contact info you provide, SOPHAS will then email your references to obtain their recommendations.

Note that while SOPHAS requires at least three evaluations, once two have been received, SOPHAS will automatically submit your application to Rollins for review (if your application and all other admission materials have been completed and verified). Your third evaluation will be forwarded to Rollins upon receipt.

Statement of Purpose and Objectives

The personal statement is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a tailored narrative describing who you are and your academic/professional goals. Write your personal statement focused towards your first-choice degree program. Your personal statement should achieve the following:

  • 1,500 Words or less (you may use the space allotted on the SOPHAS application)
  • Summarize relevant experience
  • Explain what you hope to achieve with your public health degree
  • Explain the reason why you would like to attend Rollins School of Public Health

If you are not selected into your first-choice degree program, you may be asked to submit another statement to the second (or third) choice department if the content of the program differs significantly from your first choice. If an additional essay is requested, please email the Rollins School of Public Health Office of Admissions directly and indicate which department the new statement should be sent. Please include your name and Emory ID on the additional essay. 

Your Experience - Research/ Work/ Volunteer

We want to know where you're coming from and what you've done so far in the field of public health.

SOPHAS has a section that lets you fill in details about work, research, honors, awards, and volunteer experience relevant to public health. Use this opportunity to tell us about your achievements. You can put those valuable paid and unpaid internship experiences in here too. We want to hear all about you!

Every school you apply to will be able to see this info.

Other relevant information

In 600 words or less, applicants can use this section of the SOPHAS application to highlight any additional information or relevant skills not expressed elsewhere on the application which may be useful in the evaluation process.

The Rollins School of Public Health is making the submission of GRE scores optional for all candidates applying to our MPH and MSPH programs for fall 2022 admission. Please be sure to visit individual department pages to learn about department requirements and suggested courses. In lieu of the GRE some departments require demonstration of data analysis or other quantitative skills.


Note: The GRE is not required for the EMPH program. Applicants for the Applied EPI track and Quantitative Methods in Public Health Certificate should demonstrate strong quantitative and analytical abilities through one or more of the following: professional work experience, academic history, or valid standardized test score. If evidence of quantitative and analytical aptitude is missing or incomplete, additional information to assess these skills will be requested. Please visit the program’s website for related updates and information.

You will need to request your test scores directly from each testing service.

International applicants are also required to submit TOEFL scores. You can find out about the TOEFL requirement by visiting our International Applicants page.

Rollins Test Codes

TestInstitutionInstitution / Program CodeDepartmentDepartment Code
GRE RSPH (SOPHAS) 4223 Public Health 0616
GMAT Emory University - Rollins School of Public Health C3Q-G8-22 N/A N/A
Contact (215) 968-1001 for score reports.
LSAC no longer offers verified LSAT scores to institutions other than law schools. If you have applied to Emory Law School, we are happy to accept your self-reported scores. If not, please plan to submit your official GRE scores to RSPH.
MCAT Send scores to SOPHAS – The Centralized Application Service for Public Health.