Emory-CDC Elective Rotation Fellowship

Program Description and Request for Applications 2016-2017

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Epidemiology Elective Program introduces Emory medical students to applied epidemiology and the link between medicine and public health, all under the guidance of experienced CDC epidemiologists, through participation in the CDC Epidemiology Elective Program. This is a joint program of the CDC, the CDC Foundation, and Emory University. Students from Emory University School of Medicine who have completed their clinical block rotations and students in their MD/MPH year at Rollins are eligible.

The CDC Epidemiology Elective Program is intended to allow students to directly apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting. Selected applicants are offered the opportunity to assist in epidemiologic investigations of infectious diseases, cancer, congenital malformations, environmental and occupational diseases, injuries (intentional and unintentional), chronic diseases, and reproductive health and population dynamics. Students receive experience in applied epidemiology through participation as a member of a CDC team investigating a global public health problem and the analysis of public health data.

The experience of some former students on this elective was highlighted by Emory Public Health magazine, in the article "Docs with a Public Health Bent."

Students spend six-12 weeks based at CDC Headquarters in Atlanta. Emory Epidemiology Elective Fellows receive a stipend from the CDC Foundation of $250.

The deadline for program applications for summer and fall semester 2016 rotations is March 30, 2016. For spring 2017 rotations, the deadline is May 30, 2016.

To apply:

  1. Fill out and return linked form to Dr. McGowan.*
  2. Fill out application online at http://www.cdc.gov/EpiElective.


All applicants must meet the following general program eligibility requirements:

  • You must be attending either Emory University School of Medicine or enrolled in the MPH year of the MD/MPH program at the Rollins School of Public Health of Emory University
  • You must have completed your clinical block rotations
  • You must be either a U.S. citizen or valid green card holder
  • You must submit the complete online application by the application deadline listed above

The fellowships are directed primarily to students from this group who do not have previous public health experience in applied field epidemiology. Students who have previously received an award from this source may not reapply for funding from this fellowship program. After selection, fellows are matched with a CDC program in their area of interest, if applicable, by the CDC program coordinator. Each fellow then is assigned to work with a CDC mentor who will assign a project to the student and oversee the experience, but will not necessarily directly participate in day-to-day activities.

The duration of the fellowships is six to 12 consecutive weeks depending on the student's program of study and elective schedule. This is a full-time rotation at CDC and does not allow for part-time activities at Emory or elsewhere during the rotation. Students must arrange their senior year elective schedule to permit this timing. The stipend will not support meeting attendance, travel for observation of practitioners or for survey or shadowing to "see how things are done." Payments for students selected for the domestic program will be made on the last day of each month after the fellows have submitted a completed invoice, signed by their CDC mentor, to the CDC Foundation program officer for this project.

*In addition to the weblink shown, the application form for this award may also be obtained from John E. McGowan, Jr., M.D., Rollins School of Public Health (Room 4009 CNR), 1518 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA 30322, email: jmcgowa@emory.edu, phone 404-727-9365. Deadlines are noted above. Questions or comments also should be addressed to Dr. McGowan.