MBA/MPH: Business and Public Health

Students in the Master of Business Administration (MBA)/ Master of Public Health (MPH) program gain the skills and knowledge to effectively lead and manage public health systems and programs, as well as advise on health policy issues.

  • May be completed in five semesters
  • Year one at the Business School (minimum 50 credit hours)
  • Year two at Rollins (minimum 30 credit hours)

Graduates of the MBA/MPH program are trained to work in health programs on issues such as policy and funding, defining goals and managing public health organizations.

Post Graduate Employment Examples:

  • Healthcare Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers: Advise clients on some key aspects of managing their enterprise such as performance improvement, transactions and crises.
  • Clinic Consultant, Kurt Salman Associates Healthcare Consulting Group: Specializing in facility, strategy and information technology planning for multiple hospital systems, academic medical centers, and physician group practices.
Students must apply to and be accepted into each school separately in order to be eligible for a dual degree. 

All applications to Rollins are completed in SOPHAS – The Centralized Application Service for Public Health.

For instructions on applying to Goizueta Business School, click here

For instructions on applying to Rollins, click here.

The Goizueta Business School and Rollins cooperate in a program granting the MBA and the MPH degrees. Students can complete this program in five semesters, which does not include summer enrollment. Students are encouraged to participate in summer internships to complement their course work. Two of the five semesters are full-time at Rollins.

Candidates for this program must apply to both the Goizueta Business School and Rollins separately. Evaluation criteria for admission to Rollins for students in the dual-degree program are the same as those for the MPH program alone. The scores from the GMAT may be substituted for the GRE requirement. Please note, the submission of GRE scores are optional for all candidates applying to our MPH and MSPH programs for fall 2022 admission.

Students accepted into the dual-degree program will be notified of acceptance by both schools. If students are accepted into one school but not the other, they may enroll in the school that has accepted them, but not as a dual-degree student. Upon admission to the dual-degree program, students consult with the appropriate program director of each school to plan their courses of study. Candidates begin the program in the fall with two semesters in the business school. The following fall and spring, candidates enroll in the Rollins School of Public Health. During the final fall semester, the candidate takes electives in both schools but enrolls in the business school.

A minimum of 30 hours of course work while in residence at Rollins is required. Fifty-one credit hours are taken in the business school.

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