Using Multi-Tool in Canvas


The Multi-Tool available in Canvas provides immediate access to a variety of tools to help with rapid development and update of your course. Specifically, Multi-tool can help you with 1) building of your course template to ensure a consistent look and organization of your course 2) building of your modules, 3) date modifications, and 4) announcement modifications.   

How do I add the Multi-Tool to a Canvas course?

You must add Multi-Tool to the navigation menu in the Canvas course you are building or updating by following these steps: 

  1. On the left-hand menu in your Canvas course click Settings. 
  2. Once on the Settings page, click the Navigation tab at the top of the page. 
  3. Find the Multi-Tool tab in the list and drag it from the hidden items (on the bottom) to the list of tabs that are marked as visible at the top of the list. 
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the page. 

Using the Multi-Tool 

After you have added the Multi-Tool, you can use it by clicking on it in the course left-hand menu. The first time that you use it, Multi-Tool prompts you to authorize access to your Canvas account. Once you have authorized it, you can use the Multi-Tool in any of your courses once you add it to the navigation menu in each individual course. 

When you open the tool after authorizing it, you will see the four major categories with links to the specific things you can do. You can also select the icons at the top for access to the four categories.

Course Template Builder

  • Create a Home page, publish it and mark it as a Front Page
  • Create Template pages, assignments, discussions, and quizzes that can be applied to modules

Module Builder

  • Build out your course structure
  • Create new modules
  • Add to or edit existing modules
  • Add assignments, discussions, text headers, pages, and quizzes

Due Date Modifier

  • Set and Update all of the following in one place
    • Assignment due dates, unlock and lock dates
    • Page due dates
    • Dates for showing quiz answers and hiding quiz answers

Announcement Modifier

  • Adjust delayed posting dates for announcements
  • Bulk delete announcements



Guide to the Multi-Tool 

YouTube channel: CIDI Labs CidiLabs, the developer of Multi-Tool, UDOIT, and DesignPlus tools for creating Canvas pages has a channel with a number of excellent tutorials, webinars, and help videos.

Building your Course with Multi-Tool (6-minute video)