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RSPH Student Organizations

In support of our objective to offer high quality educational programs and to encourage open communication on all levels, students participate in a variety of activities that serve to information and guide RSPH’s growth and development.

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RSPH Student Organizations

The Rollins Student Government Association is the governing student assembly of the Rollins School of Public Health. The purpose of the RSGA is to advocate for students and enrich the experience of their time at Rollins. The RSGA addresses students’ needs and concerns regarding school facilities, current administration, academia, extra-curricular activities, and more. The RSGA presides over the department representatives of RSPH and the student organizations. The annual budget of the RSGA and RSPH Student Organizations are allocated from the student activity fees paid by students. Annual elections for the executive board member and departmental representative positions are held each November.

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ABPHS is designed to enhance the experience of minority students attending the Rollins School of Public Health, to encourage community engagement, and to raise consciousness of health issues concerning black communities in the U.S. and abroad. ABPHS strives to augment the graduate experience by providing opportunities for academic support, professional growth, community service, and social bonding within the Rollins community and greater Atlanta metro area.

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APIDA is an RSPH student organization with a mission to support the academic, professional, and personal development of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Desi (APID) students in the field of Public Health. APIDA's purpose is to provide opportunities for students to discuss historical and current issues affecting APID communities both globally and locally; network and social with other current, past, and prospective APID Public Health graduate students and faculty; and provide an APID community within Rollins.
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The goal of EGHO is to facilitate engagement in global health outside the classroom. To accomplish this, EGHO works through several different committees, each of which focuses on an important aspect of student interests. Through these communities, EGHO works to engage in global health issues through service and advocacy; foster global health awareness and encourage the growth of a global perspective; increase resources and opportunities available to all students with an interest in global health; and build connections with each other and with professionals in the field.

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The mission of EMHA is to foster a community of positive mental health, awareness of negativity, and stigma reduction. EMHA works to communicate this mission to Emory students and the greater Atlanta community with a shared goal of changing the conversation on mental health to one of acceptance and support. EMHA hosts several events throughout the year bringing mental health professionals and Emory students together to educate the community and advocate for current mental health topics. 

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Emory Students for One Health’s (ESOH) mission is to provide students from all disciplines a unified platform for One Health-based education, social interaction, activism, and engagement. ESOH’s initiative is to improve One Health through increased education, awareness, and advocacy. Throughout the semester we invite speakers from Emory and the Atlanta-area to share the work they do and organize trips to engage with the community! Come join the fun and get involved! All are welcome! 

ERHA promotes reproductive health and rights awareness through community outreach, research and fund-raising locally and globally. The purpose of ERHA is to increase awareness of current local and global reproductive health issues through educational outreach through guest speakers, films, and distribution of information; be actively involved in the Emory and Atlanta communities by volunteering with local organizations focused on disparities in reproductive health; and to fundraise for reproductive causes, more specifically the Global Elimination of Maternal Mortality Due to Abortion (GEMMA) fund established by Roger Rochat. 

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GPHA, a nonprofit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting the public and personal health of Georgia’s citizens, is the largest public health organization in the Southeast. It provides many opportunities for networking with public health professionals, attending continuing education seminars, and advocating for public health issues concerning Georgians. 

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HERT aims to provide students with an opportunity to collaborate with public health professionals and contribute to research projects related to Complex Humanitarian Emergencies (CHEs). Members are selected through a competitive application process. 

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La Alianza Latinx is a student-led organization composed of Latinx and Latin American public health students interested in issues affecting the Latinx community at the Rollins School of Public Health, in the metro Atlanta area, throughout the United States, and internationally. LAL strives to strengthen and build a Latinx community at the Rollins School of Public Health by creating a space that enables students to excel academically, professionally, and socially. LAL is committed to building community, supporting mentorship, uplifting educational advancement, and promoting advocacy for and improvement of Latinx health, Latinx students, and undocumented students at Emory University.

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QTC is a consortium of LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and other fluid identity) individuals connected to the Rollins School of Public Health. QTC is committed to increasing visibility, academic discourse, networking opportunities, future leaders, and solidarity among LGBTQ+ persons.

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RACPAC is a professional graduate school organization aimed at connecting Rollins students with public health professionals and opportunities in the cancer field. Our mission is cancer prevention through advocacy, fundraising, community involvement and volunteering. 

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REHAC believes that the environment influences our health and as health advocates we must also promote a safe and sustainable community. It seeks to improve and protect our living and working environment through locally focused and collaborative education, action and reaction.

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The RmC provides student and faculty a forum to explore the global mobile health phenomenon while building practical skills in mobile tech systems design, implementation, scaling and evaluation. Their two priority areas include: Introducing students and faculty to the field of mHealth and educating students and faculty in mHealth systems design, implementation, scaling, and evaluation. 

RPCC is an organization where Returned Peace Corps Volunteers and other graduate students at Rollins network with their fellow colleagues. 

S4SJ is a network of students committed to equity, change, and social justice within our personal, academic, and professional lives. S4SJ seeks to create a network of diverse friends and coworkers in order to form coalitions which bring a social justice framework to various topics; and to mobilize students for actions, advocacy and community engagement. 

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The Student Outbreak and Response Team (SORT) is a group of about 50 master's and PhD students chosen annually through a competitive application process. Through partnerships with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia Department of Public Health, DeKalb County, Fulton County, and others, we provide students with opportunities to apply public health theory in practical settings. SORT offers its members a variety of experiences to volunteer and train within the world of outbreak and emergency response. In addition to hands-on public health activities, we also host socials and an annual networking night. 

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SPHM is a student organization dedicated to meeting the growing need for peer support and faculty guidance as current Rollins students look to continue their academic journey in MD and DO programs following the completion of their MPH/MSPH degree. 

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WARP is a student organization created to give students the opportunity to explore various interests in Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) topics through connecting with faculty, hearing from speakers across different WASH disciplines, and volunteering in the community. This student organization collaborates with faculty and staff members involved in the WASH Certificate at the Rollins School of Public Health. 

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