Inaugural Rollins Innovation Summit Launches This August

May 20, 2021
Rollins Innovation Summit

Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, Orange Sparkle Ball, and Double Lantern Informatics are pleased to announce the first-ever Rollins Innovation Summit this summer, August 16-27, 2021, which will take place at Emory's The Hatchery, Center for Innovation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated what public health practitioners have long known— industry and public health are interconnected. The health of everyone within this system and the operational strength of all industries rely on the tenets of sound, evidence-based public health practice.

That’s where public health innovation becomes vital. Public health innovation within industry not only has the potential to support the health of an organization’s team and society at large, but it also comes with opportunities for economic and operational growth.

Gaining real skills in public health innovation means learning how to:

  • Apply best practices in public health;
  • Create new solutions within organizations to drive change – internally and for the world at large – with an eye on the greater good; and
  • Measure the return – returns of goodwill, fiscal responsibility, and/or preparedness for the future.

At the Rollins Innovation Summit, attendees will convene on site at Emory's state-of-the-art facility and makerspace, The Hatchery, Center for Innovation, to train in the applied skills needed to innovate public health solutions within their organizations for social good and business growth. They’ll also collaborate with Rollins graduate students to develop a pilot plan specific to a pain point within their organization—meaning this is not just a professional development opportunity, but also a true working session where they will leave with an actionable deliverable.

The summit’s 20-person cohort will include 15 paid industry seats; five scholarship seats from departments of public health, nonprofits, development agencies, education, etc.; and 10 Rollins graduate students. This summit will:

  • Equip participants with basic principles of public health, enhanced understanding of the power and relevance of public health innovation, and a pilot design and implementation strategy to test a solution to a real-world problem.
  • Provide Rollins students with applied experience working on and designing solutions for actual industry problems.

“The timing is ideal for this inaugural summit,” says Melissa (Moose) Alperin, director of both the Executive MPH program and Region IV Public Health Training Center at Rollins. “Thanks to our first-class faculty and remarkable graduate students, we are well-positioned to support our colleagues in industry and public health practice to innovate with a complementary understanding of public health. We can work together for a healthy future.”

Seats are limited. For additional details on the Rollins Innovation Summit, including registration details, please see the two links below:

For more information, please email Elizabeth Sprouse at


About the Sponsors

Emory University Rollins School of Public Health
At the Rollins School of Public Health, students learn to identify, analyze, and intervene in today's most pressing public health issues. Rollins’ No. 4-ranked public health program comprises six academic departments— behavioral, social, and health education sciences; biostatistics and bioinformatics; environmental health; epidemiology; health policy and management; and global health—hosts over two dozen interdisciplinary centers and offers an executive MPH program for working professionals.

Orange Sparkle Ball
Orange Sparkle Ball is an innovation accelerator working with public and private organizations to move initiatives forward. Sitting at the junction between research, startup technology, human-centered design principles and organizational goals, Orange Sparkle Ball runs pilots that demonstrate proof of the future state, creates multi-faceted communication strategies to leadership and stakeholders, and develops environments that support progress toward key performance indicators (KPIs).

Double Lantern Informatics
Double Lantern Informatics collaborates with clinical and public health clients to provide informatics solutions – program development, project management, strategic planning, communications and technology training to advance change – emphasizing the importance of local capacity building so teams feel supported in sustaining newly launched initiatives going forward.