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Senait  Kebede

Adjunct Assoc Professor


Adjunct or Visiting, Global Health

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Areas of Interest

  • Infectious Disease
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Surveillance

Affiliations & Activities


1. Child Health Task Force  memebr 

2. Gates Strategic Leadership fellow for Population and Reproductive Health

3. Contributor - Essentials of HIV course eCurriculum series, Mayo Clinic School of Continuous Professional Development, Rochester, MN, USA

4. TBTEAM expert for TB/HIV & child and adolescent TB working group member , WHO/Geneva

4.  Pandemic Influenza Preparedness technical expert mechanism(PCITEM) member,  WHO/Geneva

6. Hon. Associate Professor of pedaitrics, SPHMMC, Ethiopa

7. Project managment Professionals memebr PMI



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