Programs and Services for International Students

Rollins’ Office of Student Services offers a number of programs and services designed to provide academic and social support to our growing international student population. Rollins encourages a diverse and collaborative learning environment that thrives on mutual respect. When you step foot on Rollins’ campus, you’re joining a global community of scholarship.

Please review this page for information, resources, and groups specific to international students. If you are an international student interested in applying to Rollins, please visit our International Applicants page for admission information.

What international students are saying about Rollins

"I am nothing but grateful to every opportunity RSPH has to offer. I had the opportunity to work with the CDC which was a dream come true! The university has great courses and 2 years are a lot less for what I could do. The courses are structured to help students gain applied skills. There are multiple volunteering opportunities available which help us make a difference to the lives of others as humans and as public health professionals.

I have seen the Rollins community grow in many ways. All organizations have made commendable efforts to have inclusivity and diversity in every direction to make it a well rounded experience for most of us. I have met some of the best people (professors, mentors and colleagues) at Rollins and have made some life-long friends.

I will soon be a proud Rollins Alum and wish nothing but the best for the Rollins community. I would seek to take every opportunity to be associated with Emory and Rollins in the future."

- Kunali Ghelani, EPI '20

"My experience here at Rollins has been all that I had expected and more! Your MPH degree is exactly what you make it and I have been able to take advantage of all that Emory has to offer as a whole. The Faculty I have met here do diverse and impactful work. I have found brilliant mentors and resources towards forging my ideal career path."
- Anirudh Shreedhar, GLEPI '20

English Language Support for Multilingual Learners

ESL 500: Academic English for Multilingual Learners is offered every fall semester; ESL 501 is offered as small group conversation sessions every spring semester. Topics include academic writing, good scholarship, presentation skills, group work, professional communication skills, and informal English along with linguistic and cultural transitions. This course must be taken by all first-year English language learners and is a graduation requirement for students coming from countries where English is not a primary language. Those who have attended college in the US or another country where English is a primary language are exempt from the program with the permission of the course instructor.

Conversation Practice Sessions

Conversation practice sessions are designed for multilingual students who can benefit from additional practice speaking English in an informal environment. Activities include discussion, debate, storytelling, sharing sessions, interview practice, language games, drama and role-playing. Each session is limited to ten students to ensure that everyone is able to fully participate.

Global Peer Network (GPN)

The RSPH Global Peer Network is a program that partners international students and domestic students who would like to befriend someone with a different cultural background. In addition to meeting on an individual basis, GPN participants are invited to social events throughout the academic year.

International Student Affairs Communications & Resources

The RSPH Office of Student Services regularly sends newsletters and announcements with academic, social and career information of interest to international students. We also provide referrals to on- and off-campus resources for international students.

Rollins International Student Association (RISA)

The Rollins International Student Association seeks to build community and support for international students at RSPH. This diverse group of student leaders plans events throughout the year in collaboration with the RSPH Student Services team, Rollins Student Government Association and other campus partners.

RSPH International Students on Facebook

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International student at the Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University

Non-U.S. citizens are ineligible for federal financial aid and are responsible for full tuition and living expenses. Click here for information from the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health on financing a degree in publich health and here for more information on possible financial resources.
Also, click here for a list of Scholarships that Accept Applications from International Students.

REAL Program

In the second semester of their first year, international students can earn additional financial assistance through the Rollins Earn and Learn (REAL) program (our work-study opportunity).

Fellowship Programs

International students may receive funding through the following programs:


Humphrey Fellows

Humphrey Fellows come from all over the world. Currently, Rollins is hosting fellows from Pakistan, China, Ethiopia, Albania, Honduras, Burma (Myanmar), Nigeria, Burundi, Togo, Thailand, Tanzania, and Liberia.

Foege Fellows

The William H. Foege Fellowships in Global Health honor the career and achievements of one of the world's leading figures in public health. This year, Rollins welcomes Foege Fellows from Kenya and Haiti. 

 For more information about these and other funding opportunities, click here.

Emory University's Office of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) can answer questions related to visas, working in the U.S., obtaining a driver’s license, and other support services for international students.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any feedback, needs, or questions as an RSPH international student, please reach out to Joanne Williams (Associate Director for Student Engagement) at