Rollins SGA Professional Expenses Support

Email for any questions/concerns.

The RSGA offers limited funding to current MPH, MSPH, and EMPH students for public health-related professional expenses including research posters, professional conferences, relevant travel expenses, mass resume printing, and more. Please feel free to contact RSGA via email should you have any questions/concerns about if your expense qualifies for funding. Additionally, please read the below rules and qualifications carefully:

  1. A limited amount of funds are available, therefore, a maximum of $200 will be available per student (depending on professional costs).
  1. No more than one qualifying professional expensewill be reimbursed during a student’s tenure at Rollins School of Public Health.
  1. In order to be eligible for funding, students must be enrolled in RSPH coursework and must not receive any funding towards the professional expense being considered from any other source. Graduates in Residence status does not meet the coursework requirement. If you find an alternative source of funding after you are approved for Rollins SGA reimbursement, you must notify Rollins SGA immediately so your promised funds can be made available to another student.
  1. If you receive Rollins SGA support for a conference at which you are presenting, sponsorship by the Rollins SGA should be acknowledged in your presentation.
  1. Please note that any travel expenses submitted for reimbursement must be compliant with the Emory Guidelines below:
    1. Domestic travel guidelines:
    2. International travel guidelines:


Application for Professional Expense (must be completed for approval by RSGA treasurer prior to the professional expense):

  1. Complete the Pre-Professional Funding Application
    1. Email this document to current RSGA Secretary with the document name “[Last Name] Professional Support Application” at the appropriate address:
    2. This document must be submitted a minimum of one month prior to your attendance of the professional.
  1. Please note that you will need to pay all professional expenses up-front; make sure to hold on to the original, itemized receipts of all professional payments that you would like to be considered for reimbursement.
  2. Once the RSGA Secretary, Treasurer, and President have reviewed your application, you will be contacted regarding the approval of your requests.
  3. If you are approved for funding, print a hard copy of your Professional Application. Place Pre-Professional approval form in the Professional Reimbursement folder located outside of the RSGA Office, GCR 136.

Reimbursement for Professional Expense (must be completed after the professional expense is made):

  1. If you are approved for funding, type and print the following forms and submit in a paper-clipped packet to the Professional Folder located on the wall outside the RSGA office within one month of the professional:
    1. Post-Professional Report
    2. Original, itemized receipts totaling all relevant professional expenses. Please note, while these receipts may exceed the approved reimbursement amount, you will only be partially reimbursed with the pre-approved amount
    3. Proof you attended the professional (e.g. name badge, agenda etc.) 
  1. The RSGA Treasurer will review your documentation for completeness, and contact you if any documents are missing. Once your paperwork is complete, the treasurer will forward your reimbursement package to the Student Governance Office for further processing. From there it can take up to 5-7 weeks(depending on the decision from #2 in this list, the email for contact info in section 3 might reflect both rsga and the reference to contact current treasurer) until funds are deposited into your account. 
  1. Please email the  account if you have any questions about your post-professional reimbursement.


  1. Application deadlines are rolling, however you must apply for proffesional reimbursement at least 1 month prior to the professional you wish to attend. 
  1. Applications are due by the 5th day of the month for consideration in that month’s review. For example, if you wish to attend a professional on December 10, you must submit an application by November 5. 
  1. Applications will be reviewed by the RSGA President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The criteria under review are completion of application and relevance of conference to student’s work and goals in public health. You will be notified of the funding decision within 10 business days of your complete application submission. For example, if you wish to attend a professional on December 10, you must submit an application by November 5, and you will be notified of the decision by November 18.