APE Employer Information

All Rollins students are required to participate in an Applied Practice Experience (APE) in a public health setting, such as a federal/state/local public health organization, hospital, nonprofit, for-profit or non-government organization.

In addition to giving students a hands-on experience in their field, APE can help foster relationships among the public health community and provide organizations the opportunity to mentor a student at a pivotal point in their public health career.

Reasons organizations should consider offering opportunities for students:

  • Recruit a potential new employee
  • Mentor and contribute to the next generation of public health leaders
  • Enhance the organization’s relationship with the RSPH and Emory University
  • Increase awareness and exposure for the organization
  • Receive assistance with completing projects and related tasks

Field Supervisor Role and Responsibilities

A Field Supervisor is an on‐site supervisor that manages the APE of a student and oversees the day‐to‐day work of the student. This individual helps to mentor, supervise and direct the student’s APE. The Field Supervisor must be qualified to evaluate the professional performance of the student, attainment of CEPH MPH/MSPH Foundational Competencies and Concentration Competencies, learning objectives, strategies and deliverables.

The responsibilities of a Field Supervisor related to the APE program include:

  • Reviewing the APE Field Supervisor Handbook
  • Completing Field Supervisor Profile (Credentials and contact information)
  • Supervising the work of the student within the community of practice
  • Mentoring the student
  • Reviewing and approving objectives, strategies and competencies in the online APE Portal (students should have previously discussed these with their Field Supervisor prior to entry into the APE Portal)
  • Completing a midpoint and final performance evaluation with the students (resources are available online for assistance)
  • Completing a Field Supervisor Evaluation in the online APE Portal

Post a Potential APE Opportunity

Post the position on
RSPH Career Connection


Employers should post available job opportunities that may be appropriate for meeting the APE requirement and any other employment opportunities for students and/or alumni of the RSPH to RSPH Career Connection.

The RSPH Office of Career Development is available for providing employers with assistance determining an appropriate hourly rate for stipend for an opportunity.

Portal for Tracking APE/Practicum Requirement

Students that matriculated into the RSPH on or after Fall 2018