MLK Jr. Community Service Awards Programs

MLK Community Service Awards Programs in Previous Years

2023 "The Sword That Heals: Championing Leaders of Peace, Love, and Justice"

2022 "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

2021 "Only in the Darkness, Can You See the Stars"

2020 "Mobilizing for Justice, Advocating for Change"

2019 "Standing strong during times of challenge and controversy"

2018 "Uniting in Divisive Times"

2017 "Pushing Forward Together"

2016 "Refusing the New Normal: Being a Part of the Change"

2015 "From Spotlights to Floodlights: Revealing Problems Before They Become Headlines"

2014 "Finding Common Ground to Bridge the Divide"

2013 "Uniting Communities to Keep Dreams Alive"

2012 "Voices for Social, Economic and Political Justice"

2011 "Reinventing Communities: Turning Misfortune into Opportunity"

2010 "Weathering the Perfect Storm: Striving for Equity in an Economic Crisis"

2009 "Dreaming with the Courage to Act"

2008 "Balancing the Scales: Social Justice on the Forefront"

2007 "Continuing the Dream in the Next Generations"

2006 "Illuminating Vulnerabilities in the Midst of the Storm: Social Justice Issues and Service Opportunities Arising out of Natural Disasters"

2005 "A Passion for Peace in a Diverse World"

2004 "Lest We Forget: Building Community Through Unity, Service, and Collective Responsibility"

2003 "Our Call to Conscience-Voices for the Future"

2002 "Celebrating Excellence in Our Youth: Making a Difference"

2001 "Promoting Health and Economic Development through Reconciliation and Diversity"

2000 "Building on the King Legacy through Business, Health Care and Community Development: Approaches for Diversity in the 21st Century"

1999 "Keeping the Dream Alive Through Public Health and Economic Empowerment: A Challenge for the New Millennium". Audio: RealAudio of the 1999 MLK Community Service Awards

1998 "Reclaiming Our Youth: Communities Preventing Substance Abuse and Violence"

1997 "Nonviolence: Creating a Social Norm - A Focus on Mental Health"

1996 "Nonviolence: Creating a Social Norm - Community Based Perspectives on Youth Violence"