HPM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

The HPM DEI Committee brings together faculty, staff, and students of HPM to discuss opportunities to advance the department’s equity of processes and policies and its inclusiveness and to enhance its efforts to deepen and honor its diversity. The Committee was formed in July 2020.


To establish and maintain a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive Department of Health Policy and Management through real, sustainable, and collaborative changes in the department's policies, practices, and pedagogical approaches where all members—faculty, students, and staff—can thrive.


We envision a department where:

  1. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are prioritized in all decision-making, including the development of policies and practices within the department.
  2. There is a diverse range of perspectives and voices that are supported and empowered to take actions that allow members to thrive and fulfill Rollins' mission.
  3. Resources and tools for maintaining a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment are easily accessible and promoted frequently.

To learn more about The DEI Committee’s Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Values Statements, Statements of Purpose, and Strategic Priorities and Goals, please click here.

Important Information

Formal recommendations approved by the HPM DEI Committee and submitted to the HPM Chair will be posted here.

April 2023Related to the HPM Masters Programs

April 2023 – Related to the HPM PhD Program

July 2021Education Committee


Numerous relevant resources shared by the Emory DEI Office

Members of the HPM community who are interested in identifying additional resources are invited to contact the Committee:  hpm.dei@emory.edu

Ramadan Infographic - includes information and useful guidance for faculty and employers on student and staff accommodations – click here .

Racial Trauma Series - The Rollins Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Office has launched a multi-part series focused on racial trauma, or the psychological stress and distress caused by encounters with racial bias, ethnic discrimination, and hate crimes.

  • Part 1: Understanding Racial Trauma
  • Parts 2 & 3: forthcoming

Please see these events' recordings and latest news: click here

Emory's Teaching Toolkit


Contacts and Links

HPM DEI Committee: hpm.dei@emory.edu: For formal communications to the HPM DEI Committee and for discrete communication about DEI concerns in HPM; this e-mail account is monitored by the co-chairs of the Committee

RSPH Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion Dr. Joanne McGriff: joanne.a.mcgriff@emory.edu: For communication about DEI policy and concerns across Rollins

Emory Bias Support Services: For reporting incidents of hate or bias

Emory Title IX Office: For reporting incidents of sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, or sex discrimination

RSPH Committee on Community and Diversity

Anti-Racism & Social Justice Action at RSPH

Emory Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Black at Emory (Instagram)


Active Members of the HPM DEI Committee

Laurie Gaydos, faculty (Co-Chair)
Kent Tolleson, administrative staff (Co-Chair)
Sarah Blake, faculty
Maria Dieci, faculty
Adam Wilk, faculty 
Courtney Yarbrough, faculty 
Charu Gururaj, MSPH student
Liz Staton, PhD student
Safina Theard-Lewis, MPH student
Lisa Raines, administrative staff