Outstanding Leadership Award

In recognition of our 25th anniversary as a school and 40 years as a public health program, we are recognizing the contributions of three alumni with our Outstanding Leadership Award. This award is presented to those who have demonstrated consistent, exceptional and meritorious service to the Rollins School of Public Health and have made a significant impact on the institution’s overall welfare and the advancement of its mission.

Recipients are chosen by the Dean’s Office and have provided extraordinary leadership to Rollins; advocated for and inspired others to serve the needs of the school; identified needs for change and found innovative solutions; supported the school financially; and/or developed and enhanced alumni or student-related activities. 

2014-2015 Recipients

Martha Alexander

Martha Alexander, '86 MPH, PhD

Nancy Hunt

Nancy Hunt, '87 MPH

Dennis Jarvis

Dennis Jarvis, '88 MPH, CHES 

For more than 20 years, Martha Alexander, Nancy Hunt, and Dennis Jarvis have provided consistent leadership and meaningful service to Rollins. They began their service as three of the founding members of the school’s original eight-member RSPH Alumni Association Board. Nancy was the first among the three to serve as president in 1992, followed by Martha in 1993, and Dennis in 1994. Each of them were instrumental in formalizing the RSPH Alumni Association and establishing the work of our present-day board.

During their board tenures, they worked with admissions staff to begin holding open houses for prospective students, created the foundation of our current mentoring program, and began hosting networking events to connect alumni. In the years since, they have each recruited and mentored students, served as panelists and speakers, attended countless school events, and chaired their reunion committees. Nancy and Dennis each went on to serve on the Emory Alumni Association Board as Rollins representatives. Most recently, they established the Kathleen R. Miner Scholarship for Public Health Excellence. Together, they raised more than $130,000 to create this new scholarship in honor of their dear friend and mentor, Dr. Kathy Miner.

Individually and collectively, these alumni have made a significant impact on the welfare of our school and the advancement of our mission. It is for these reasons that we are recognizing Martha Alexander, Nancy Hunt, and Dennis Jarvis with Rollins School of Public Health Outstanding Leadership Awards.