Other Scientific Collaborators

In addition to our Michigan partners and Emory scientists, we work with other scientific collaborators including:

M-LEEAD logo

The Michigan Center on Lifestage Environmental Exposures and Disease (M-LEEaD) is a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Core Center. M-LEEaD improves our understanding of the contribution of environmental exposures toward the etiology of chronic diseases and conditions. The M-LEEaD Center has collaborated with the PBB Registry on the PBB Oral History project and the From PBB to PFAS: Research and Action to Address Michigan’s Large-Scale Chemical Contaminations event in February 2020. 


Amy Schulz

Amy Schulz
Leader, Community Engagement Core
Professor, Health Behavior and Health Education



Charles Easley

Charles A. Easley, IV
University of Georgia
Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Science

Dr. Easley collaborates with us to research the effects of PBB on sperm epigenetics. Click here to read the summary of his findings