Learn More About the Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force

The board members of the Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force in 2018

The Pine River Superfund Citizen Task Force is an U.S. Environmental Protection Agency community advisory group that advocates for environmental restoration and responses to the health effects of the contamination in the Pine River region in Mid-Michigan where PBB was manufactured by Michigan Chemical/Velsicol Chemical’s plant. The Task Force actively collaborates with the PBB Registry partners to plan future research activities and advocate for former workers, their families, and neighbors and all exposed to PBB.


Pine River Superfund Task Force Board

Jane Keon
Task Force Chair and PBB Leadership Team

Ed Lorenz, PhD
Task Force Vice Chair and PBB Leadership Team 

Gary Smith
Task Force Treasurer

Brittany Bayless Fremion, PhD
Task Force Secretary and PBB Leadership Team
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Norm Keon
Task Force Board and PBB Leadership Team

Jim Hall
Task Force Board

Wayne Brooks
Task Force Board
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Margaret Hoyt
Task Force Board

Nikki Braybaw
Task Force Board