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Evaluate and develop effective behavioral promotion interventions and engage in research that improves public health.

Develop, apply, and interpret analytical methods based on motivating science, available data, and underlying theories of mathematics, probability, statistics, and computer science.

The Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health uses a transdisciplinary lens to examine the interface between human health and the environment.

Improve public health by advancing knowledge on the causes of diseases and the promotion of health through research and education.

Strengthen the capacities of individual, families, communities, and governments by identifying and reducing global inequities in health and well-being.

Acquire the knowledge needed to understand and improve public health challenges domestically and globally.

Through our EMPH program, you can earn an MPH while working as a public health professional. Learn more about specific tracks in the EMPH program by clicking the appropriate link below.
The PREVENTION SCIENCE track is designed to educate professionals to plan, implement, and evaluate community programs and to communicate health and behavioral information. The APPLIED EPIDEMIOLOGY track is designed to educate professionals to apply the principles and methods of epidemiological investigation in a broad range of settings.

Suprateek Kundu

"I love biostatistics because it allows me to apply powerful mathematical and statistical tools to real-world biomedical problems. It’s the best of both worlds. It allows me to pursue my passion in developing mathematical and modeling techniques with the core motivation to do some greater good in society."

Suprateek Kundu, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics
Director of the Data Analytics and Biostatistics Core, Emory Department of Medicine

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