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Uncertain Inheritance: Epigenetics and the Poisoning of Michigan

Carrie Arnold's story in Undark magazine about the generational impacts of PBB exposure

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Michigan Department of Health and Human Services launces new PBB website

Article by Greg Nelson in the Morning Sun about MDHHS new PBB website

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PBB research making discoveries four decades after bagging incident

Lead scientist, Michele Marcus, was interviewed recently about PBB research findings by Karen Hopper for the Cadillac News


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2021 Grantee Highlight: Lived Experiences Document and Validate a Community's Struggle

The NIEHS, our funder, highlighted Michigan PBB research and our community-academic partnership

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Toxic lessons can inform Michigan PFAS policy, say experts

Article by Garret Ellison about the similarities between current PFAS contamination and the PBB contamination event in 1970s. 

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Stateside: More than four decades later, health effects of 1970s PBB contamination are still being tracked

Lead scientist, Dr. Marcus, was interviewed by Stateside about ongoing PBB research in December 2019. Scroll down the page (linked below) to listen to the 7-minute interview  

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