Request PBB Records

There are three different ways to Request PBB records either from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services or from Emory University:

  1. Transfer your PBB records from the state of Michigan to Emory
  2. Request PBB records of your deceased family members from the state of Michigan
  3. Request your PBB records from Emory

Please click on the tabs below for further instructions on each request type.

  1. Fill out a Consent to Transfer PBB Registry Records form.
  2. Please include the following information at the bottom of the form:
    • Other names by which you have been known (e.g. maiden names)
    • A list of family members who may have been in the Registry and their PBB IDs, if known
  3. Mail your completed form to the following address:
    • Dr. Michele Marcus
      Emory University
      1518 Clifton Rd. NE (CNR 4045)
      Mailstop 1518-002-3BB
      Atlanta, GA 30322

Once we receive the form we will submit it to the Michigan Health Department and they will send us your PBB records (this may take some time). 


  1. Fill out a request form for your next of kin's PBB records
  2. Include all necessary legal documents
  3. Mail form and documents to state health department
  4. The records will be mailed to you
  5. If you wish, you can share the records with us for ongoing research

For more detailed instructions and extra information please click here


Please send an email to to request your indiviudal PBB records. If you know your PBB ID, please include that in the email. We will send you your records via email unless you request another method.

If you do not have or use email you can call us at 1-888-892-0074 to request your records. Please leave a voicemail and we will call you back as quickly as possible.