JM/MPH: Public Health and Law

Rollins and Emory Law offer a dual-degree program awarding the Master of Public Health (MPH) and Juris Master (JM) degrees.

  • Students must meet the 42 credits required at Rollins
  • Students must meet the 30 credits required for Emory Law
  • The JM/MPH program is five semesters

The MPH/JM dual degree program is designed to enhance a student’s knowledge and professional pursuits with legal grounding relevant to their profession in public health. Professionals in the U.S. public health sector are constantly required to adapt to new realities, including the law as it applies to matters of public health, patient care, human rights, privacy, environmental, policy, and interrelated issues. A legal grounding in the basics of contracts, in addition to laws related to health research, policy, and regulation, enables our students to better assess organizational risk, make informed decisions, and contribute in more significant ways to their organizations and the people they serve.

Candidates for the dual degree should apply to and be accepted by both Rollins and Emory Law School as the schools maintain independent application procedures.

The first three semesters of the program are spent at Rollins (fall, spring, fall). The last two semesters are spent at Emory Law School (spring, fall). The student must register and pay tuition for three semesters at Rollins at the accelerated rate and two semesters at the Law School, but may take courses in either school. Rollins scholarships and grants are applicable only to those semesters in which the student is in residency in the Rollins School of Public Health.

Students pursuing the dual degree must enroll full-time (minimum of 12 credits) in the hybrid format of the JM program for two semesters. The hybrid format includes online and in-person classes, and in-person classes occur during business hours. Students must complete 30 credits at the law school including two synchronous experiences, the JM Virtual Boot Camp and the Capstone Experience.

Career Opportunities

Public health professionals who hold a MPH/JM will possess a legal grounding in the basics of torts and contracts, in addition to laws related to health research, policy, and regulation enabling them to better assess organizational risk, make informed decisions, contributing to the people they serve.

Minimum Length of Program

Two and a half years

  • First three semesters at Rollins (fall, spring, fall)
  • Two semesters at the Law School (spring, fall)

For information on the JM portion of the MPH/JM, please contact Anthony Spatola, Director of Admission