Faculty Highlights

Our distinguished faculty are experts in their fields. They combine research and professional experiences to offer our students a public health education that will prepare them to be influential leaders. Most importantly, our faculty are accessible. They involve students in their research and serve as both formal and informal mentors. Below are some examples of our faculty at Rollins.

Mohammed Ali

Mohammed K. Ali, MD

William H. Foege Distinguished Professor, Hubert Department of Global Health  

Co-Director, Emory Global Diabetes Research Center

I've often said that we are the mecca of global chronic disease research. There is no center like ours in the United StatesWe’re fortunate that, over the 15 years I've been here, we have expanded to about 150 affiliated faculty around the university and Atlanta at large. This gives a student a tremendous diversity of faculty expertise and opportunities to tap into.”...

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Sarah Blake

Sarah Blake, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Health Policy and Management 

Since joining the faculty at Rollins in 2001, Blake has continuously done impactful work in the field of women’s health policy, especially regarding maternal health and maternal mortality in Georgia. She works on several projects funded by CDC ...

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Allison Chamberlain

Allison Chamberlain, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology 

Director of Research and Practice Relations with Georgia DPH

“I like to engage students in ways that have them apply what they're learning in the classroom to real world problems, which are often very different than the things that are curated for a lesson plan in a class.”...

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Natalie Dean

Natalie Dean, PhD

Bioinformatics Assistant Professor 

Co-director, Emory Alliance for Vaccine Epidemiology 

Informing the public has developed into a bit of a secondary calling for Dean. Throughout the pandemic, Dean has shown a proclivity toward public health communication, and has gained international prominence as a trusted source for public health information, particularly as it relates to translating complex issues....

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Donghai Liang

Donghai Liang, PhD

Assistant Professor, Gangarosa Department of Environmental Health

“The exposome encompasses the totality of the environmental exposure a person has throughout their life course. I’m trying to understand what really happens in the body when people are exposed to different environmental chemicals and how those exposures can lead to adverse outcomes and diseases.”....

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Raphiel Murden

Raphiel Murden, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

“Getting people who may not traditionally be seen as strong in their quantitative abilities—especially racial minorities and women—to understand and be excited by the material is a joy for me. It’s really at the crux of why I come back to teach this course over and over.”...

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Whitney Rice

Whitney Rice, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences  

Director, Center for Reproductive Health Research in the Southeast (RISE)

Rice’s research interests include topics that are politically divisive and emotionally charged. She studies the impact of restrictive abortion policies on women’s health, maternal mortality, and the impact of racial disparities on maternal outcomes...

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