Scholarship applicants are now closed, all scholarship funds have been dispersed and applications will reopen in 2025.  The Halloran Scholarship is named in honor of SISMID's Founding Director, Dr. Elizabeth Halloran.  Please read through the instructions below before submitting your application.  

Funding Information

SISMID is partially supported by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number R25 AI147391 and the CDC Outbreak Analytic and Disease Modeling Network grant to Emory University.

SISMID Scholarship Eligibility and Requirements

Eligible: Graduate students and postdocs at U.S. and international institutions are eligible to apply for SISMID registration scholarships.

What scholarships cover: Scholarship recipients will have registration costs provided for up to three modules. In addition, a limited number of U.S. and international scholarship recipients will be awarded travel stipends of $700 to help offset costs. Travel stipends will be awarded at the discretion of the scholarship review committee. Travel stipends are processed after students have completed their In-Person Summer Institutes courses (i.e., students pay travel, lodging, and meal costs then claim reimbursement after they have completed their courses). Students can expect to receive a reimbursement check approximately 6-8 weeks after submitting final paperwork.

How to Complete the Application

When you have finished your application, we recommend you conduct a final review before hitting SUBMIT as once your application is submitted, you will no longer be able to edit it. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to save your work.

Applicants may apply for up to three modules total.

The priority scholarship application deadline is March 8 or until funds are exhausted. Applications received by March 8 will be given first consideration and will be notified of the status of their application beginning April 8. Applications received after March 8 will be considered on a rolling basis should funds remain after the first round of awards.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m applying for a scholarship, do I need to register for the modules as well?
Space has been reserved in each module for scholarship recipients. Please do not register for modules that you request in your scholarship application as you may incur a $70 fee for transferring payment from a credit card to scholarship. If you are awarded a scholarship, you will receive a unique code to use to register for modules.

What should be included in my application statement?
The applicant statement should address how requested modules will contribute to, or advance, an applicant’s research or career goals. It should reflect how the applicant expects to use information learned through the modules; how the applicant’s experience to date has prepared them for the requested modules (academic, volunteer, personal experiences/challenges, etc.), and any other relevant information reviewers should know about why an applicant is applying for a scholarship.

What should be included in the letter of recommendation?
Scholarship applications should include a statement from the applicant’s academic advisor that explains: (1) the benefit to the applicant’s graduate program of attendance at SISMID; (2) that the SISMID modules being applied for are not available at the applicant’s institution, and (3) that attendance at SISMID by the applicant would be less likely without scholarship support.

How does my advisor submit a letter of recommendation for my scholarship application?
In your application, you will be asked to list your advisor's name and email. The advisor will be notified by email of the request to upload the recommendation letter to your profile. Once the advisor uploads the recommendation letter you will receive an email that your application is complete.