Who partners with REAL?

  • For-profit organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Federal, state, county, and other government agencies
  • Emory University
  • Emory Healthcare
  • Emory-affiliated programs
  • Alumni in all sectors

Fast REAL Facts

  • The REAL program runs through the Fall and Spring semesters each year- The REAL program is NOT funded for the Summer.
  • The students will begin applying for REAL jobs on August 1, 2024, for the Fall 2024 semester.
  • The students can begin work September 3, 2024, or after, and work through May 3, 2025, for the Spring 2025 Semester. They CANNOT work on Emory University holidays.
  • The students are paid $15.00 per hour with a suggested maximum of 20 hours per week. Your SpeedType will be billed for your 50% throughout the semester
  • The students are RSPH employees, the RSPH HR department handles the hiring process after you interview and select a student
  • The student and the student's designated REAL supervisor is responsible for managing the student's hours on the timekeeping system. The supervisor will review and approve the time on Mondays once every two weeks before payday.
  • The student is paid once every two weeks. The RSPH HR department handles the payroll.
  • You may keep the same student through multiple semesters, or you may change to a different student at the beginning of the semester.

Hiring a student

The Rollins Earn and Learn (REAL) program gives students the opportunity to explore public health professions; make their educational experience more meaningful; and prepare them for a successful career while partnering with local, national, and global public health institutions. As a REAL partner, you are in the unique position to mentor and train future leaders of public health.

Students can earn up to $6,000 per year during the academic year. The salary is split between Emory University and your organization 50/50, so the most you are responsible for under the program is $3,000 per academic year.

The students are employees of RSPH. The RSPH HR department handles the hiring paperwork and payroll forms. You will need to approve the student's time worked in our payroll system once every two weeks.