Updated August 31, 2020

Dear Rollins Community,

I hope you are doing well and that you were able to rest and relax a bit over the weekend. Thank you as always for doing your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by partaking in prevention tactics recommended by public health experts and the CDC (including handwashing, wearing facial coverings, and maintaining physical distancing) both on and off our campus. We encourage you to continue being vigilant as we work to keep our communities safe both when we are on campus and off and in and outside of the buildings. 

As a reminder, if you have COVID-19-related questions or concerns surrounding positive case reporting or testing on campus, please contact Erin Cahill, our COVID-19 liaison for Rollins via the following email accounts:  

Students: rollinsstudentsupport@emory.edu

Faculty and staff: RSPHCOVID19@listserv.cc.emory.edu   

Rollins Café and Starbucks are Temporarily Closed + Eating and Drinking on Campus 

Due to limited sales and minimal customer volume over the past couple of weeks, both the Rollins Café and the Starbucks location within the Grace Crum Rollins Building will be closed until further notice. For those seeking dining options on campus, the following locations remain open in a to-go only format:

  • Kaldi’s at The Depot
  • Eagle Emporium at the Emory Student Center
  • The Dobbs Common Table
  • Cox Hall Food Court
  • SAAC Café

If you bring food or beverages into the buildings, please be mindful of where you are eating and drinking. Food and drinks are not allowed in many of our classrooms. Food and drinks will be allowed in those classrooms/conference rooms now designated and labeled as RSPH student study/meeting spaces. When you eat or drink in our open common areas, RSPH student study/meeting spaces, or outside, please maintain a physical distance of 10 feet between yourself and others while your face is uncovered. And, as always, please make sure you wipe down any surfaces and replace your face covering when you get up from your area. 

COVID-19 Dashboard and Presentation Replay 

Last week, President Fenves was joined by faculty, staff, and student leaders for a webinar to discuss Emory’s strategies in preventing the spread of COVID-19. Among the topics discussed during the session was an introduction to Emory’s newly developed COVID-19 Dashboard — an online resource that provides daily updates on COVID-19 cases within our community. The dashboard can be found on the Emory Forward website. We encourage you to bookmark this page so you can stay informed about cases on campus.  

Seeking Faculty and Staff to Serve as an Open Expression Observer 

Emory University has extended the opportunity for Rollins to nominate one Open Expression Observer (OEO) from Rollins to serve along with Karen Andes, a faculty member in HDGH, for the 2020-2021 academic year.  

The OEO program was established to protect the rights of Emory community members to express their opinions in non-disruptive ways during events and protests. OEOs serve as an in-person, or remote presence during events and protests when requested by program organizers or the chair of the OEO program.   

Role of an OEO  

  • Connect with organizers at the start of the event to discuss their role and needs that may arise during event 
  • Protect the rights of community members to express their opinions in non-disruptive ways 
  • Serve as resources to community members regarding the policy and policy violations 
  • Act as liaisons between community members and Emory Police and/or university administrators 
  • Protect the rights of community members to pursue their day-to-day activities 
  • Provide information on how to avoid violating the policy

Requirements for OEOs 

  • Be comfortable participating as an OEO in person and via virtual environments and complete return-to-campus expectations 
  • Participate in an online training 
    • Wednesday, September 9, 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. or 
    • Friday, September 11, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. 
  • Be available to serve as an OEO for events and protests (with priority for events in your School/College)  
  • OEOs will receive a small stipend for the events at which they serve

This opportunity is open to both faculty and staff. Interested candidates, please email Kara Robinson at klbrow2@emory.edu by end of day tomorrow, September 1. 

Thanks as always for your commitment to our community and to public health. 



James W. Curran, MD, MPH

James W. Curran Dean of Public Health


Note to Applicants Affected by the Coronavirus Outbreak 

GRE Testing Update:

The need for a diverse, well-trained work force in public health has never been greater than now. In an effort to support our applicants during this pandemic, the Rollins School of Public Health is making the submission of GRE scores optional for all candidates applying to our MPH and MSPH programs. This option, which will be granted only to applicants applying for fall 2020 and 2021 admission, will help to alleviate some of the challenges students are facing as they apply to our program during the pandemic. Please be sure to visit individual department pages to learn about department requirements and suggested courses. Our holistic review of candidates will continue to lead our evaluation process.

For students who wish to complete the GRE and send along their scores, ETS is providing remote testing options. ETS has introduced a solution for students who have been impacted by the coronavirus to take the GRE® General Test at home until test centers can reopen. GRE testing will begin on March 27.

TOEFL Testing:

The TOEFL iBT® will continue to be a requirement for International Students. Remote TOEFL® testing is scheduled to begin on March 26.

Testing for both the GRE and TOEFL will be conducted through the use of live remote proctoring serviced by ProctorU®. This high-touch, real-time human monitoring of test sessions limits the number of seats available. Students can register beginning today in the following countries:

  • United States 
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Hong Kong (China)
  • Macau (China)

For more information please visit the TOEFL and GRE web pages dedicated to this purpose.

We welcome your application to the Rollins School of Public Health and hope you will consider joining our community of scholars and public health professionals. The Rollins School of Public Health is contributing greatly to the efforts to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. We invite you to read about our on-going research and efforts in this area.

Immigration Support: Emory ISSS Isss@emory.edu
Student Support: Joanne Williams joanne.paredes.amposta@emory.edu
Admissions: Ivone Foisy Ivone.Paula.Foisy@emory.edu
Visit Emory: Brittney Romanson Brittney.Romanson@emory.edu


Please continue check your email and the admitted student portal for ongoing updates for the upcoming fall 2020 semester. Visit the Rollins website and the Emory Forward website for guidelines for returning to campus.


Visit the Rollins website and the Emory Forward website for guidelines for returning to campus.