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Yi-An  Ko

Assoc Professor

Research Associate Professor

Faculty, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

My primary research interest is in the development, application, and interpretation of a variety of statistical methods in biomedical research with a particular focus on cardiovascular disease outcomes, electronic health records data, and micronutrition adjustment methods in observational studies.

Contact Information

1518 Clifton Rd

Atlanta , GA 30322

1518-002-3AA (SPH: Biostatistics)

Phone: 404-727-8128


Update Profile

Areas of Interest

  • Biomarkers
  • Biostatistics
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Statistical Modeling


  • PhD 2014, University of Michigan
  • MS 2009, University of Michigan
  • MS 2007, University of Southern California
  • BS 2004, National Taiwan University

Courses Taught

  • BIOS 581: Statistical Practice II
  • BIOS 507: Applied Regression Analysis


  • , , Approaches to quantify the contribution of multiple anemia risk factors in children and women from cross-sectional national surveys, PLOS Global Public Health, 2, e0001071
  • , , Developing a Synthetic Control Group using Electronic Health Records: Application to a Single-arm Lifestyle Intervention Study, Preventive Medicine Reports, 24, 101572
  • , , Identifying Neighborhood and Individual Resilience Profiles for Cardiovascular Health: a Cross-sectional Study of Blacks Living in the Atlanta Metropolitan Area, BMJ Open, 11, e041435
  • , , Cohort profile: the Emory Cardiovascular Biobank (EmCAB), BMJ Open, 7, e018753
  • , , Classification and clustering methods for multiple environmental factors in gene-environment interaction: application to the multi-Ethnic study of atherosclerosis, Epidemiol, 27, 870-8
  • , , Soluble urokinase receptor and chronic kidney disease, N Engl J Med, 373, 1916-25
  • , , Declines with age in childhood asthma symptoms and health care use. An adjustment for evaluations, Ann Am Thorac Soc, 11, 54-62