Recent Rollins Publications

February 23, 2023

Rollins students and faculty are frequent authors and collaborators on articles that advance research, provoke thought, and inspire action. Below are a few recent publication highlights.

Yang Liu, PhD; was an author on the article, "Impacts of heatwaves and cold spells on glaucoma in rural China: a national cross-sectional study" published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research.

Ziad A. Memish, PhD, was an author on the article "COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and histancy among health care workers in Lebanon" published in Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health.

Megan R. Winkler, PhD, RN was author on the article "Rethinking effors to improve dietary patterns among long-haul truck drivers: transforming truck stop retail food environments through upstream change" published in the American Journal of Health Promotion.

Howard H. Chang, PhD, was an author on the article "Confounding by conception seasonality in studies of temperature and preterm birth: a simulation study" published in Epidemiology.

Kathryn G. Wyckoff, MPH; Subasri Narasimhan, MPH, PhD; Kaylee Stephneson; MPH; and Dabney P. Evans MPH, PhD, were authors on the article "COVID gave him an opportunity to tighten the reins around my throat": perceptions of COVID-19 movement restrictions among survivors of intimate partner violence" published in BMC Public Health.

Ziad A. Memish, PhD, was an author on the article "Hygiene and health coaching for community readiness to perform the Hajj during an ongoing COVID-19 pandemic" published in Tropical Medicine and Infectious Disease.

Zilling Mao, MPH, and Jacqueline Roshelli Baker, MPH, were authors on the aritlce "Pre-diagnostic serum glyceraldehyde-derived advanced glycation end products and mortality among colorectal cancer patients" published in International Journal of Cancer. 

Marcia J. Ash, MPH; Melvin D. Livingston, PhD; Keli Komro, MPH; Rachael A. Spencer, PhD; Andrew Walker PhD-c; and Briana Woods-Jaeger, PhD were authors on the study "The impact of increased minimum wage on child neglect varies by development age of child" published in Journal of Interpersonal Violence.