Recent Rollins Publications

April 7, 2022

Rollins students and faculty are frequent authors and collaborators on articles that advance research, provoke thought, and inspire action. Below are a few recent publication highlights.

Dabney P. Evans, MPH, PhD, was an author on the article, "Effect of Covid-19 on patient access to health services for noncommunicable disease in Latin America: A Perspective From Patient Advocacy," published in the International Journal for Equity in Health.

Lance A. Waller, PhD, and Hannah L. F. Cooper, PhD, were authors on the article "In-Person Versus Telehealth Setting for the Delivery of Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Ecologically Valid Comparison Study," published in JMIR Formative Research

Thomas. F. Clasen, JD, MSc, PhD, was an author on the article "Facing the Realities of Pragmatic Design Choices in Environmental Health Studies: Experiences from the Household Air Pollution Intervention Network Trial," published in the International Journal of Environmental and Public Health Research

Seth Zissette, MPH, was an author on the article, "Acceptability of a Long-Acting, Multipurpose Vaginal Ring: Findings from a Phase I Trial in the U.S. and Dominican Republic," published in the Journal of Women's Health.

Janet R. Cummings, PhD, and Adam S. Wilk, PhD, were authors on the article, "Addressing the Child Mental Health State of Emergency in Schools- Opportunities for State Policy Makers" published in JAMA Pediatrics. Additional details are available here

Melissa F. Young, PhD, was an author on the article, "Program Impact Pathway of the Positive Deviance/Hearth Interactive Voice Calling Program in a Peri-Urban Context of Cambodia," published in Current Developments in Nutrition.

Katherine Ross-Driscoll, MPH, PhD; Jonathan Gunasti, BA; and Rachel E. Patzer, MPH, PhD, were authors on the article, "Listing at Non-local Transplant Centers is Associated with Increased Access to Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation," published in the American Journal of Transplantation. 

Vincent C. Maroni, MD, was an author on the article ,"Gut-derived Bacterial Toxins Impair Memory CD4 T-cell Mitochondrial Function in HIV-1 infection," published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation