Recent Research Publications

June 18, 2021

Rollins faculty are prolific authors and collaborators on articles that advance research, provoke thought, and inspire action. Below are a few recent publication highlights. Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of recent research. 

David Rink, Wendy Book, Cheryl Raskind-Hood, Vijaya Kancherla, Trenton Hoffman, and Fred Rodriguez are authors on the article, Association Between Combined Anatomic and Physiologic Classification of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease and Selected Healthcare Utilization and Clinical Outcomes, published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology

Julie Gazmararian, Raachel Weingart, Katherine Campbell, Thomas Cronin, and Jasleen Ashta are authors on the article, Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Mental Heaalth of Students from 2 Semi-Rural High Schools in Georgia, published in Journal of School Health. 

Elaine A. Yu, Yan V. Sun, and Aryeh D. Stein, are authors on the article, Metabolomic Profiling Demonstrates Postprandial Changes in Fatty Acids and Glycerophospholipids are Associated with Fasting Inflammation in Guatemalan Adults, published in The Journal of Nutrition. 

Anna A. Rubtsova and C. Christina Mehta are authors on the article, Psychosocial Mechanisms of Self-rated Successful Aging with HIV: A Structural Equation Model, published in AIDS and Behavior. 

Michael Goodman is an author on the article, Sexual function outcomes of radiation and androgen deprivation therapy for localized prostate cancer in men with good baseline function, published in Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases. 

Kevin Ward is an author on the article, Association of Cumulative Social Risk and Social Support with Receipt of Chemotherapy Among Patients with Advanced Colorectal Cancer, published in Oncology. 

Vincent Marconi is an author on the article, Designing COVID-19 mortality predictions to advance clinical outcomes: Evidence from the Department of Veterans Affairs, published in BMJ Health & Care Informatics. 

J. Peter Cegielski is an author on the article, Evidence-based Definition for Extensively Drug-resistant Tuberculosis, published in American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. 

 Zainab Rabeeah and Solveig Cunningham are authors on the article, Changes in International Students' Dietary Habits, Physical Activity and BMI During Their First Year After Relocating to the U.S., published in Current Developments in Nutrition. 

Mary Beth Weber and Unjali P. Gujral are authors on the article, Lifestyle Interventions for Diabetes Prevention in South Asians: Current Evidence and Opportunities, published in Lifestyle Management to Reduce Diabetes/Cardiovascular Risk. 

Brad D. Pearce is an author on the article, Intergenerational Impacts of Maternal Stress on Early Childhood Atopy in Black Americans, published in Journal of Pediatric Psychology.