Recent Rollins Research Publications

April 7, 2021

Rollins students and faculty are frequent authors and collaborators on articles that advance research, provoke thought, and inspire action. Below are a few recent publication highlights.

Davit Baliashvili, MPH; Neel R. Gandhi, MD; and N Sarita Shah, MD were authors on the article, “Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among household contacts: a multinational study,” published in Clinical Infectious Diseases.

Kate Winskell, PhD was an author on the article, “Engaging Parents in Zimbabwe to Prevent and Respond to Child Sexual Abuse: A Pilot Evaluation,” published in Journal of Child and Family Studies.

Lauren Kipling was an author on the article, “Enhanced antibiotic prophylaxis and infection-related complications following prostate biopsy,” published in World Journal of Urology.

Patrick S. Sullivan, MD was an author on the article, “Development and Evaluation of a Mobile App Designed to Increase HIV Testing and Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Use Among Young Men Who Have Sex With Men in the United States: Open Pilot Trial,” published in JMIR Publications.

Audrey J. Gaskins, PhD was an author on the article, “Association of spontaneous abortion with all cause and cause specific premature mortality: prospective cohort study,” published in BMJ (Clinical research ed.).

Yan V. Sun, PhD was an author on the article, “Depressive Symptoms and Blood Pressure in African American Women A Secondary Analysis From the Intergenerational Impact of Genetic and Psychological Factors on Blood Pressure Study,” published in The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

Kristin J. Marks, PhD, MPH was an author on the article, “Prenatal exposure to mixtures of persistent endocrine-disrupting chemicals and birth size in a population-based cohort of British girls,” published in Europe PMC.

Dana Boyd Barr, PhD; Kyle Steenland, PhD, MS; and Kirsten Koehler, PhD, MA were authors on the article, “Resistance to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection among household contacts: a multinational study,” published in International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health.

Anke Hüls, PhD was an author on the article, “Polygenic risk for obesity and its interaction with lifestyle and sociodemographic factors in European children and adolescents,” published inInternational Journal of Obesity.

Reynaldo Martorell, PhD; and Usha Ramakrishnan, PhD were authors on the article, “A School-Based Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation Program Effectively Reduces Anemia in a Prospective Cohort of Ghanaian Adolescent Girls,” published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Carmen J. Marsit, PhD was an author on the article, “In utero exposure to zidovudine-containing antiretroviral therapy and clonal hematopoiesis in HIV-exposed uninfected newborns,” published inAIDS.

Kaitlyn K. Stanhope; Dawn L. Comeau; Monica Ulloa, MD, MPH; Juan S. Leon, PHD, MPH; Shakira F. Suglia, MS, ScD; Carol J. R. Hogue, PhD; and Michael R. Kramer, PhD were authors on the article, “Perceptions of stress and resilience among Latina women enrolled in prenatal care in Metro Atlanta through an ecosocial lens,” published in Health & social care in the community.