Recent Rollins Research Publications

December 21, 2020

Rollins students and faculty are frequent authors and collaborators on articles that advance research, provoke thought, and inspire action. Below are a few of this week’s publication highlights.

Dabney P. Evans, PhD, MPH and Carrie E. Ripkey, MPH were authors on the article, “Domestic Violence in Atlanta, Georgia Before and During COVID-19” published in Violence and Gender.

Carlos del Rio, MD and Vincent C. Marconi, MD were authors on the article, “An Innovative Physical Therapy Intervention for Chronic Pain Management and Opioid Reduction Among People Living with HIV” published in BioResearch Open Access.

Khalid Medani was the author on the article, “Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Trends, Outcomes, and Predictions From a 15-Year Perspective of a Single Neurocritical Care Unit” published in Neurosurgery.

Rukshan V. Mehta; Amy Webb Girard, PhD; Usha Ramakrishnan, PhD; Reynaldo Martorell, PhD; P. Barry Ryan, PhD, MS; and Melissa F. Young, PhD were authors on the article, “A mixed-methods study of pesticide exposures in Breastmilk and Community & Lactating Women’s perspectives from Haryana, India” published in BMC Public Health.

Jeffrey Switchenko, PhD, MS was the author on the article, “Melanoma Cell Intrinsic GABAA Receptor Enhancement Potentiates Radiation and Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Response by Promoting Direct and T Cell-Mediated Antitumor Activity” published in International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics.

Saria Hassan, MD was the author on the article, “Noncommunicable Diseases After Natural Disasters In The Caribbean: A Scoping Review” published in Climate & Health.

Noah Scovronick, PhD was the author on the article, “Valuing Health Impacts In Climate Policy: Ethical Issues And Economic Challenges” published in Climate & Health.

Mary E. Kelley, PhD was the author on the article, “Adversity in childhood/adolescence and premorbid tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis use among first-episode psychosis patients” published in Early Intervention in Psychiatry.

Richard A. Goodman, MD was the author on the article, “Field epidemiology and COVID-19: always more lessons to be learned” published in International Journal of Epidemiology.

Travis Sanchez was the author on the article, “Population Size Estimation Methods: Searching for the Holy Grail” published in JMIR Public Health Surveill.

Zheng Xue was the author on the article, “Tobacco 21 adoption decreased sales of cigarette brands purchased by young people: a translation of population health survey data to gain insight into market data for policy analysis” published in Tobacco Control.

Xintong Li, PhD; Howard H. Chang, PhD; Lance A. Waller, PhD; Benjamin A. Lopman, PhD were authors on the article, “The DIOS framework for optimizing infectious disease surveillance: Numerical methods for simulation and multi-objective optimization of surveillance network architectures” published in PLOS Computational Biology.

Felipe Lobelo, MD, PhD, FAHA was the author on the article, “Understanding adherence of hypertensive patients in Mexico to an exercise-referral scheme for increasing physical activity” published in Health Promotion International.

Ben Lopman, PhD was the author on the article, “Hospital-based Surveillance for Pediatric Norovirus Gastroenteritis in Bangladesh, 2012-2016” published in The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal.

Reynaldo Martorell, PhD; Aryeh D. Stein, MPH, PhD; Isabelle Romieu; Usha Ramakrishnan, PhD were authors on the article, “Pro-Inflammatory Diet Is Associated with Adiposity during Childhood and with Adipokines and Inflammatory Markers at 11 Years in Mexican Children” published in Nutrients.

Wenlu Ye, PhD; Ajay Pillarisetti, PhD; Jiawen Liao; Kyle Steenland, PhD, MS; Thomas Clasen, PhD were authors on the article, “Exposure contrasts associated with a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) intervention at potential field sites for the multi-country household air pollution intervention network (HAPIN) trial in India: results from pilot phase activities in rural Tamil Nadu” published in BMC Public Health.

Kaustubh Wagh and Jose N. Binongo, PhD were authors on the article, “Safety and Feasibility of Thoracoscopic Lung Resection for Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer in Octogenarians” published in Innovations: Technology and Techniques in Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery.

Reynaldo Martorell, PhD; Shivani A. Patel, PhD, MPH; Rachel Waford, PhD; Aryeh D. Stein, MPH, PhD were authors on the article, “Linear Growth Trajectories in Early Childhood and Adult Cognitive and Socioemotional Functioning in a Guatemalan Cohort” published in The Journal of Nutrition.