RSPH Forms


Refer to the policies and procedures page for details on each of these items.

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Department/Program Transfer Request Form
This form is intended to be completed by MPH/MSPH students who are requesting to transfer from one program to another program within RSPH.

Readmission Request Form
Students planning to return after a Leave of Absence of one or more semesters (excluding summer) must apply for readmission by completing this form. This form must be completed, signed and returned at least 30 days before the desired semester of enrollment in order to register.  Students who have not been enrolled for one academic year must also complete this form to be eligible to enroll.

Leave of Absence Form
This form is intended to be completed by graduate students in good standing to request a Leave of Absence (LOA).  Students must be in good standing in order to submit a LOA.  This means a student’s GPA should be a 2.7 or higher and there should be no Incomplete grades on the academic record.

Complete Withdrawal Not Returning Form
Students who wish to cancel all registered classes, withdraw from the current semester and are not returning should submit this form.

Complete Withdrawal Temporary Interruption (Student Returning) Form
Students who wish to cancel all registered classes, withdraw from the current semester and who plan on returning should submit this form.

Extension to 5-year limit Form
The required total credits for the MPH/MSPH degree will be limited to credits successfully completed within the five-year period preceding the awarding of degrees. This form must be completed to request an extension to the five year limit. The Executive Associate Dean for Academic Affairs must approve the request. Students who exceed the five-year limit may be required to repeat courses.


Course Petition Form
The Course Petition form is to be used when students seek to replace a required RSPH core course with a graduate course taken at a different school within Emory University or at another university. Or when students seek to transfer graduate course credit from a different school within Emory University or from another university. Waiver/Transfer credit petitions seeking to replace a RSPH Core Course or a Concentration Core Course, MUST document successful achievement of ALL foundational learning objectives AND/OR competencies associated with the RSPH course you seek to replace.

Course-specific assessment mapping forms are available below: 

 BIOS 500 |  BSHE 500  |  EH 500   |  EPI 504   | EPI 530  |  GH 500 HPM 500

For other courses, please use the generic course mapping form found HERE. 

Certificate Waiver/Substitution Form
This form is for MPH/MSPH students to use when requesting a waiver or substitution for an RSPH Certificate Program.

Notification of Partial Withdrawal Form
The Course Withdrawal form is to be used for withdrawing from one or more courses, but not for withdrawing from all courses. Form must be received by the Office of Enrollment Services ( by the withdrawal deadline of the affected term as posted on the RSPH ACADEMIC CALENDAR.  Forms must be signed by an instructor with a check box for W (Withdraw), WU (Withdraw Unsatisfactory), or WF (Withdraw Failing). 

Resolution of Incomplete Work Form
The Resolution of Incomplete form should be completed when an incomplete ("I") grade is assigned. Once signed by the student and instructor, the student is to submit this form to their ADAP and Enrollment Services(  Students have one semester, Fall or Spring, to resolve Incomplete work before the grade is change to IF (Incomplete Fail).

Proposal for Directed Study Form
Proposals for directed study are to be jointly developed by the student and faculty member, then routed for approval through the Department Director of Graduate Studies and/or ChairForm must be received by the Office of Enrollment Services by the add/drop/switch deadline of the affected term as posted on the RSPH ACADEMIC CALENDAR.

Credit Overload Request Form
Student seeks to enroll in more than eighteen (18) hours, must obtain permission from their Director of Graduate Studies by completing this form.


Emergency Loan Application Form
Students in need of an Emergency Loan of up to $1000, complete and submit this form to  Emergency Loans are typically processed in 4-5 business days and students receive funds via direct deposit.

Office Admissions and Student Services Data Request Form
This form must be completed by faculty/staff.  All requests are subject to review and approval at the discretion of the Office of Admissions and Student Services.  Please allow five business days for your request to be processed.  Actual processing time will vary depending upon the complexity of the request.  Same day requests will require a consultation with Admissions and Student Services.


Office of Enrollment Services
Jena Black | Director of Academic Affairs and Enrollment Operations
Catherine Kiefer | Associate Director of Enrollment Operations
Flavia Traven | Business Analyst