The Hubert Department of Global Health (HDGH) seeks to understand and reduce global and local inequities in health and well-being. Through rigorous academic training, excellence in scientific research, and ethically engaged service and advocacy, we seek to improve health status and delivery systems around the world. 


  • Flexible curriculum with personalized advisement for your global health career.
  • Three MPH options: 3-Semester (15 months), 3-Semester (12 months), and 4-Semester (20 months).
  • Global programmatic, policy and research opportunities.
  • Funding opportunities for field experiences.
  • Collaborate with world-renowned faculty.
  • Work with leading health organizations.
  • Global Health education through the lens of social justice and health equity
  • Rigorous methods and practical skills-training

Kjersti Kleine

"Entering a public health school during the COVID-19 pandemic is perplexing, but COVID-19 has encouraged people everywhere to acknowledge the complex ways in which public health is incorporated into our everyday lives. Analyzing the social factors and current environments that contribute to health inequities and acting in ways to reduce those inequities are pertinent skills of public health professionals, and Rollins School of Public Health is equipping me with the knowledge and tools to do so."

Kjersti Kleine
MPH ’22, James W. Curran Scholarship Recipient


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