Committee on Community and Diversity

Emory University established an Advisory Council on Community and Diversity, administered by the Office of Community and Diversity, with the charge of conducting honest self- assessments and evaluating commitments to principles focused on furthering Emory’s goals of access, equity and inclusion. Each division of the university has established a Committee on Community and Diversity with a person appointed by the dean to chair the committee and serve as liaison to the Advisory Council.

The RSPH Committee focuses on five areas: Faculty and Staff (including hiring, retention/promotion, climate survey, policies, training/development); Students and Alumni (recruitment, retention, climate survey, policies, training/orientation); Local/Global communities, partners and collaborative efforts; and Facilities (access, policies, construction, programmatic barriers).

The RSPH Committee establishes a definition of diversity and goals, monitors and assesses progress towards those goals, and annually reports on its progress and assessment to the Council. Reports include the completion of templates provided by the Council on each of the five areas. The RSPH Committee recommends actions to be taken by the school, or units within the school, to further established goals.

View the RSPH Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

The committee is made up of staff, students and faculty volunteers.

Contact Information:
Dr. Joanne McGriff, Assistant Dean of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion