Patrick SullivanPatrick Sullivan, PhD DVM

Contact Information:
Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Road NE. Room 438
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: 404-727-2038

Title Position: Professor

Department: Epidemiology

Past Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

U.S.: Dr. Sullivan has worked on HIV testing programs with migrant farm workers, with the inclusion of Hispanic participants in online sexual health surveys. Dr. Sullivan has also investigated methods to increase participation of African American and Latino MSM in his research.

Latin America: Dr. Sullivan has worked with MSM prevention and vaccine studies in Peru and Brazil.

Current Work in Hispanic/Latino Health:

Projects: Dr. Sullivan's most current research in the United States focuses on a MSM testing initiative targeting African American and Latino MSM. The MSM testing initiative will have a Spanish language sexual health survey to better target Latino men. Dr. Sullivan acknowledges the large program of research with African American MSM in Atlanta, and plans to develop parallel research capacity with Latino MSM in Atlanta.

Opportunities for Students

Dr. Sullivan mentors and advises students inside and outside the classroom. He mentors students writing masters theses such as the one a student wrote on HIV testing among MSM in Puerto Rico. In addition, Dr. Sullivan encourages student involvement in his projects. In the past, both masters and doctoral students have been involved in projects in the capacity of focus group discussion planning, and transcription/ translation.

Partner Organizations:

United States
Latino Commision on AIDS in New York