Emory Center for AIDS Research (CFAR)

Funder: National Institute of Health/NIAID Years Funded: 2002-2007 Principal Investigators: Dr. James W. Curran Co- Investigators: Dr. Kimberly Hagen, Dr. David R. Holtgrave, Dr. Gina M. Wingood, Dr. Ralph DiClemente Website: http://www.cfar.emory.edu/bio/investigator/diclemente.html Project Goals: The mission of the Emory CFAR is to grow, foster, and enhance HIV/AIDS research within every unit of the University. The mission of the Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS) Core of the Emory CFAR is to (1) facilitate the selection, adaptation, implementation and evaluation of HIV prevention behavioral interventions in HIV/AIDS research at Emory and in service delivery programs in the larger community; (2) facilitate the measurement of behavioral and psychosocial factors relevant to HIV/AIDS research; (3) provide consultation on the conduct of cost-effectiveness analytic methods suitable for assessing the efficiency of a variety of HIV prevention interventions; (4) promote behavioral prevention education and training opportunities at Emory and in the larger community.

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