Course Roster

Course Roster for the Social Determinants of Health Certificate

Certificate courses must be taken for a grade unless S/U is the default requirement. 

Core Courses- take the following courses and earn a grade of at least a B+.

Class NumberClass NameCredit HoursOffered
EPI 511 SDOH Seminar 1 Fall, Year 1
EPI 591S Social Epidemiology 2 Fall and Spring


SDOH Electives- take 6 credits total and earn a grade of at least a B+. Students are encouraged to take a minimum of one elective course outside of their home program. 

Class NumberClass NameCredit HoursOffered
RSPH Courses 
BSHES 557 Addressing Racism as a Public Health Issue to Promote Health Equity 2 Spring
BSHES 560R Public Health Advocacy through State Policy 2 Fall, Irregular
BSHES 560R Firearms-related Injury, Theory, and Prevention 2 Fall
BSHES 560R COVID in Social Contexts 2 Fall
BSHES 560R Emerging Topics: Health Equity 1 Fall
BSHES 565 Violence as a Public Health Problem 2 Spring
BSHES 567 LGBTQ Public Health 2 Irregular
EH 530 Environmental and Occupational EPI 2 Spring
EH 570 Environmental Health Law and Policy 2 Spring
EH 571 Global Environmental Health Policy: Power, Science and Justice 2 Spring
EH 572 Environmental Justice: Theory and Public Health Practice 2 Spring
EH 582/GH 582 Global Climate Change: Health Impacts and Response 2 Fall
EH 583/ENVS 385 Spatial Analysis in Disease Ecology 4 Spring
EH 584 Built Environment and Public Health 2 Fall
EH 590R Public Health Communication for Environmental Justice 2 Spring
EH 590R Politics of Public Health 2 Spring
EH 590R Planetary Health 2 Spring
EPI 516 Issues in Women’s Health 2 Fall
EPI 523 Correctional Healthcare Epidemiology 1 Spring
EPI 554 Religion and Public Health 3 Fall
EPI 563 Concepts and Applications in Spatial Epidemiology 3 Fall
EPI 589 Psychosocial Epidemiology 2 Fall
EPI 594 Advanced Methods in Social Epidemiology 3 Spring
GH 507 Health as Social Justice 2 Spring
GH 508 Seminar in Health and Human Rights 2 Spring
GH 512 Health in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies 2 Spring
GH 513 Community Based Participatory Action Research 3 Spring
GH 514 Social and Behavioral Change Communication 2 Spring
GH 519 Faith and Health: Transforming Communities 3 Spring
GH 526 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights 3 Fall
GH 536 Religion and Health in Context: HIV 3 Spring
GH 559 Gender and Global Health 3 Spring
GH 561 Applications of Public Health Economcis in Low and Moderate Income Countries 2 Fall
GH 568 Community Engaged Food Security  3 Spring
GH 572 Community Transformation 2 Varies
GH 585 Gender-Based Violence in Global Perspective 3 Spring
GH 593 Religion and Health: Sexual and Reproductive Health 2 Fall
HPM 565 Health Care for the Indigent 2 Fall
HPM 569 Women’s Health Policy: A Lifecycle Approach 3 Spring
HPM 573 Access to Health Care: Measures, Determinants, and Current Issues 3 Fall
INFO 530 Geographic Information Systems 2 Varies
INFO 532 Advanced Geographical Information Systems 2 Varies
Laney Graduate School
ANT 507 Human Biology 2 Varies
ANT 510 Medical Anthropology 3 Varies
ANT 585 Biological Perspectives on Human Health and Wellbeing 2 Varies
ANT 585 Anthropological Methods of Data Collection and Analysis 2 Varies
ANT 595 Lives: The Anthropology of Everyday Experience 2 Varies
GRAD 700R Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity 3 Spring
GRAD 700R Interdisciplinary Seminar: Interprofessional Ed & SDOH 3 Spring
SOC 531 Sociology of Health and Illness 3 Varies
SOC 585 Ethnoracial Health Disparities 3 Varies
Candler School of Theology
PC 628 Caring for Marginalized Populations 3 Spring
Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing
NRSG 515 Race, Health, and US History 2 Spring