Reporting Data


Effective immediately, the Georgia Center for Cancer Statistics (GCCS) will accept data submitted in the NAACCR Version 22 format. We have given cancer registry software vendors a state-specific NAACCR 22B EDITS metafile, and the edit set is named “GA_V22B Hospital Edit Set”. You will need to run these edits before submitting Version 22 data to GCCS.

Data Submissions

Until further notice, we will accept diagnosis year 2021 and earlier cases in either the NAACCR Version 21 or Version 22 format. All cases diagnosed 01/01/2022 and later must be submitted in NAACCR Version 22.

Data Edits

We will run the GA_V21B Hospital Edit Set on data submitted to us in the Version 21 format. We will run the GA_V22B Hospital Edit Set on data submitted to us in the Version 22 format. We recommend that you send an edit report with your submission. If you do not include an edit report or a statement that you have run Georgia Hospital Edits and attempted to clear all edit errors, any errors generated will be counted.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Staff Contacts

Jan Kres (404)727-3742

May Ting Liu (404)727-7260