RSPH Computer Labs

Computer labs are available to all faculty, staff, and students at Rollins. Several courses are taught in these classrooms which have assigned lab homework as part of course requirements. Students are encouraged to use the computer labs when no activities are scheduled for those classrooms.

We currently have two fully equipped student computer labs. Both computer labs are located in the Grace Crum Rollins Building (GCR). One is located in room P45 with a total of 55 iMac computers, the other is in room 105 with a total of 42 PCs.

Additionally, there are over 55 computer kiosk stations located on the lower level of GCR. These kiosk workstations are available during open building hours as well as after hours with entrance using your EmoryCard. All computers are equipped to make the student connections to the RSPH Citrix.

Along with the available computers located throughout the school, there are total of five HP LaserJet printers available for printing from the student lab machines.

Printer Locations

3-Rollins Black & White Printers

  • Outside of L45 in GCR
  • Outside of P39 in GCR
  • Outside of Room 109 GCR

1-Rollins Black & White Copier (Printer/Copier/Scanner)

  • Outside of Room 1054 in the Claudia Nance Rollins Building (CNR)

1- Rollins Color Printer (Color Printer/Scanner)

  • Outside of L18 in GCR

Rollins student printing is controlled by the Pharos Printing system that is implemented thoughout the Emory campus. An EmoryCard or a Copy Card must be used to pay for all printing. Copy Cards can be purchased at the Photocopy Services Office located at the Health Sciences Library.

Lab Hours

Computer kiosks on the lower level of the Grace Crum Rollins building can be accessed any time the building is open, as well as after hours with the use of your EmoryCard.

The computer lab support staff hours for the semester are:

Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Note that there is no support personnel scheduled on the weekends.

If you have any questions, please contact the IS Help Desk at

Each year, a schedule will be set for lab requests corresponding to the University Registrar's calendar for the publication of course offerings. Requests will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis after the request deadline using the above priorities to break ties. 

Unbreakable ties will be discussed and worked out among the departmental academic service coordinators. Because of the early deadlines and evolutionary nature of course offerings, a second date will be established each semester.

This date will occur at the beginning of the second week of academic classes. At this time, all groups in the priority two category will receive final confirmation of lab availability.

Those fitting into this group should request lab space using the same deadlines as the priority one group. Lab space will be assigned on a temporary basis. All requests will be processed strictly on a first-come, first-served system with continuing education requests receiving the highest priority.

In order to maintain the integrity of assigning labs for student use, it is necessary to remain fluid with the scheduling of priority two requests. Final confirmation will be given during the second week of classes each semester. Until this point, it is possible that lab time and space for these requests may be reallocated or withdrawn. Facilitators will need to plan accordingly.

All decisions regarding the allocation of Rollins computer labs will be based upon this policy. Any problems or concerns regarding this policy should be brought to the Director of Student Services for review. Requests for exceptions to this policy will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and require the approval of both the Director of Student Services and the Dean.

Lab Rules 

  • Rollins’ computer labs and kiosks are reserved for use by the faculty, students, and staff of the Rollins School of Public Health. It is not appropriate to bring children into the computer labs.
  • You must have your EMORYUNIVAD (network) password to access lab computers. Please report any computer or printer malfunctions to the IS personnel on duty either in person, by phone (404-727-5536), or over email  (
  • Do not bring food or beverages into the computer lab. A simple accident can do a great deal of damage.
  • Please clean your work area before you leave. A little consideration will be appreciated by your fellow students.
  • Computers are available on a first-come first-served basis. Unattended systems are considered open for usage.
  • Save all of your work on a USB keychain drive. You may also burn your data to a CD—all lab and kiosk computers have CD-RW devices.
  • Scan for viruses! If you bring a USB drive, CD, or floppy disk into the lab, be sure to scan it for viruses. If you need assistance using Symantec Antivirus, please see the lab assistant on duty.
  • Before you leave, close all running applications and log off of the network. Programs should not be left running unattended. Computers will be rebooted without notice.
  • If you are instructing in the labs and need additional software or datasets available on the C: drive, please contact IS Help Desk at
  • Unauthorized data/software will be deleted without notice!
  • Do not delete any files from the hard drive or network drive on the lab computers or kiosks.
  • Do not move the PCs. Expensive damage could result. You may, of course, swivel or tilt the monitor, and adjust the keyboard and mouse position.

Support Personnel

Student support specialists are responsible for support during the hours posted. The person on duty maintains all computers and printers in the labs, handles laser print requests, and coordinates with the student and Information Services Department. Student support specialists will provide general assistance. However, we do not provide application assistance.

Reporting Problems

Report any computer related problem such as network hang-ups, computer viruses, software problems, or printer problems to the Information Services staff. Please send a description of the problem encountered to or call the IS Help Desk at 404-727-5536.

Alternate Lab Locations

Departmental Computer Labs

Some of the departments within the Rollins School of Public Health maintain their own computer labs or have other computing resources available for students within department programs. Please contact your department directly concerning availability and access policies.

Health Sciences Center Library

Located at 1462 Clifton Road, the Health Science Center Library is equipped with PCs and MACs that offer applications common to the Rollins network. LaserJet Printing is also available at a cost to the student. The library is usually open evenings and weekends. Phone 404-727-5817.

Computing Center at Cox Hall

Located on Ashbury Circle near the Dobbs University Center, the Computing Center at Cox Hall is a large, fully-staffed computing facility available to all Emory students. It is equipped with both PCs and MACs. Pay printing is available. Cox Hall is also available during weekend hours. Phone: 404-727-7549