Alumni Profiles

Picture of Grayson Donley

Grayson Donley
Epidemiology, MSPH

Grayson Donley was a college student studying abroad in Costa Rica when she first started considering public health as a potential career path. Several of the other students on the trip shared their plans to apply to public health programs...

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Picture of Christopher Howard

Christopher Howard
Health and Policy Management, MPH

Christopher Howard was a freshman in college when he experienced the shortcomings of the U.S. health care system firsthand. Not knowing what to do while suffering from a severe sore throat, he visited the emergency room...

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Picture of Samantha Luffy

Samantha Luffy
Global Health, MPH

When she was 22, Samantha Luffy was leading ecological tour groups in a remote Costa Rican rainforest when her world-view cracked open. The daughter of a military family, she was used to frequent relocations and adjusting to...

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